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I hate masks. It's kind of sour, my face is dampened and my face is moist, and it is suspicious because I have only put some face. To put a mask so far, it was about 5 or 6 times in a year when I was cleaning and flour. However, at the Corona, which is in the corona from this year, masks in public transport and offices have become essential, and they have lived while making a mask while not proceeding.

Non-woven masks are not all the same and pumps, and they were unique if it is black in the solid mask of polyurethane, so it's okay to add it, and I was able to bought it with Donki immediately. The mask of what it was good because I could buy it happened, and I did not sell any pharmacy and supermarket, which continued to be a chronic shortage. Even if it is sold, it will soon be lost. I saw a pharmacy where a long line of customers seeking a mask for a mask was seen in the middle of commuting. Recently, a major company started making a mask, and a company with trading with China has been able to sell and sell masks, and it has been overwhelmed by the hand, but it is still far from being fully enough It is a situation. If you try a disposable mask every day, there is only 100 million people with adults in Japan. There is no way.

During this time, I tried to plan a mask with a mask as a fashion creater as a sewing industry, and I made a mask with various fabrics and patterns. But in my own pins and bots continuous. The pattern was also good, but the choice of fabric is quite difficult. Even if stretching is too effective to grow too much, it hurts and hurts a little. This is quite difficult. First of all, I had little mask so far. There is no wake that can easily make it with Pon. The mask's creation has been a temporary interruption, and he was working on the "COVID-19: Keep Moving / Stay Positive", which was in progress, and was working for the online exhibition of May.

However, the mask that was interrupted was always somewhere in my heart and had a good teeth to myself who did not make a good mask. While the infection of new coronavirus in Japan is expanding, mask production is serious while the mask is seriousIf the progress of the progress is not in the case of motage, I can not complete the mask like Katsuyukikodama! The feeling of mission was stronger on the day. One morning, as if the dam was decided, the creation airflow rose at a stretch and restarted the mask. And the conceptual mask was completed in no time.

The concept is the same as the brand concept. Even if you are putting it, you will feel cool and feel a cool and vive mask. We can not arrange those materials because medical products are not specialized in the first place. Therefore, it is impossible to pursue medical numbers to the product. If it was not a medical treatment, it was not a mask, but I reached the arrival point of masking = mask, once converted to the idea of ​​creating a mask as a fashion field.

Even if it is said to be a mask of Lesler's Milmouth crow, it is an image that covers the Mascaeid Masked Face of Venice, Italy. Mascaeid Mask covers the eyes around, but this time, it is a mask of infection prevention measures, so it is a mask that greatly covers the mouth and the mouth. By attaching a mask, it is lonesome and bewitching. Hiding and interact with the features, and blows a cramped corona with the completed "KK Mascaeid", such as the Carnival of Venice, which has a sense of openness from everyday life! With such a meaning, "KK Mascaeide" was born.

The material is also a gear element, and the material adopts Nylon's Toray Brizhatec. The fabric surface does not penetrate the water, with water, and combines water repellent, waterproof performance and performance that dissipates moisture stagnant internally and to the outside. The rubber for ears is a 2 mm weak repulsion type. Even if it is hanging on a long time, it is non-stocker with a non-stockper for length adjustment.

Color, Black, Nevi, Khaki, Four Colors of Red. The price is 1,900 yen (excluding tax), Black, Nevi, Khaki, and 4 pieces of red for sale in 4-piece set of 4 pieces of ¥ 3,800 (excluding tax) with 4 sets of each color. Made in Japan and in-house factory production. From May 3rd, we will start reserving reception at the official web and sequentially ships from May 15.

Now, let's change the times with "KK Mascaide"! Ratttt's Major Debut Album "Out of the Cellar ~ Topics: Flame of Picture Flame"! ← In this case, at the next opportunity.

▼ 2 pieces set sale page https://www.katsuyukikodama.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=248

▼ 4 pieces set sale page https://www.katsuyukikodama.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=249

Reservation for sale: May 3 21:00 Start Shipping Date: Sales Sales from May 15th Sales ¥ 1,900 + Tax 4 Colors Set ¥ 3,800 + Tax

Smile under mask ❤︎

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