Letter from childhood friend

This morning, LINE came from my childhood friend who is my local distress. "The rhythm of the world is bad due to the influence of corona, but the physical condition is okay?" I was happy for the first time in a long time and I was happy to hear "Thank you!" The childhood friend manages new cars, second-hand car sales and private car stores, but "(in the corona)I can not sell cars at all"I can not sell any inquiryWas. If car sales are no good, I want to keep sales by car inspection, but "(at the time of car inspection)There are many people who have a chance of replacement parts, and parts sales are falling."That's it. After that, I tried to transmit and receive several times, but the hard changing work lifestyle due to expansion of new coronavirus infections is a big city of Tokyo, and the family Oita city of Kata country is not changing, and everyone is living a serious era I felt it.

Speaking of which, French Literators at Martial Artsman's Uchida-san is a column of Bunsy onlineCorona is a "center test" distributed worldwide around the world"I was written.Coronavirus"Problem" said how to respond appropriately was simultaneously distributed to the world. No one knows anyone yet. Conditions are the same. All countries are required to respond appropriately with the same conditions" It is just that. It is a difference that people who are working in the car shop in Tokyo and Oita are different, but now the world of all the world is under the situation of the battle with the same new corona. Such an era really imagined that this time came before us.

The mother's grandfather, who was in Taiwan in the early Japanese rule, at the early Showa, the album "MischievousI'm still made, among them, some of the collective photos of the military and the picture of the city of Taiwan, the photo of the comfort association, and the photographs that appear with Taiwanese singer, but friends And next to the black and white photographs of the appearance with a rifle and having a rifleThe birth of the birth was badI'm not sure. Our era was involved in the grandfather's age and revealed a wealthy and free happy era. My grandfather saysThe birth of the birth was badWhat I thought was not a moment. Corona will leave how many claws will be held in our mind and life.

I thought that I would like to have a remote drinking party with my friend's friends while doing a lot of childhood friend and LINE. I don't have to go home if I drink Limo, so I can open a trip (laughs) and often open a reunion. It seems to be quite fun if you listen to the story from a friend who drank Limon. Mamori's Limo Drinking is a daughter-in-law and partner, or some of the daughter-in-law and partner's hand food should be taken, and there are many rules with nature. Loimo drinking with the old friends of gender mixing, several people started with several people, and the end of work has increased more and more. A friend who falls away from the first time after 10 pm, and when you fall off the Limio drink, it seems to be able to cut communication (laughs) saying "There is a final train." Everyone is not enjoying thinking even in such a situation! ?

Then I will try to invite Oita childhood friend to Limo this weekend!

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