Surprise to the movie "Contojeon"!

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I woke up at 6 o'clock in the morning of Saturday last weekend. It was good even if I was in bed twice, but I decided to get rid of it because I could not sleep again even if I went to bed again recently. Living Stepply Sofa Sitting on the floor of the TV in front of the TV and stretches slowly and stretches the body gradually wakes up.

After she brewed coffee, she reads corona-related news on the app and spent a relaxing time on Saturday morning while watching TV after I checked SNS such as Twitter and Instaglam. She is out of self-restriction from the government, and the weather is even cold, even if the weather has returned to winter, there is no one who walks outside. Saturdays are often going to work, so I was going to spend at home from the beginning, so I was back with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to design. Since the staff and the external EC team can easily contact with mail or ChatWork, it is not a problem in the remote work to proceed with the currently progressing work.

Two hours after I got up from 8 am, I would like to see the "Wake-up! + Plus" in Osaka in Osaka, and I would like to spend a quiet basket that I want to spend quietly. did. It was also possible to stay as it is, but new coronavirus related news is full of television and net, and recently a little tired. It is a sense of light haze and heartburn.

When the time is still a little more than 8:30, I remembered the movie "context" that Katsuya Katsuya, who was introduced by Journalist Katsuya, who has recently been introduced. In the program, Mr. Konishi said, "I was surprised that the Corona shock situation was completely predicted and was surprised." I was memo of the movie name. If you want to see that movie, I opened the Amazon's prime video. Mr. Konishi was a radio program, "Because it was a movie about 10 years ago," I had a good spoiler, but the contents of the neta did not remember well, so "Contojon" is a movie from the beginning I got into it inside.

Direct for film manufacturing and scriptmers are subject to World Health Organization (WHO) and American Disease Countermeasures Center (CDC), and have received advice from epidemiologists, journalists, etc. Is really surprised at the present video of the world. Initial stage CDC's crisis and negative opinion on the school closure, negative opinions of the school closure, the global epidemic (pandemic) of infection A medical institution, the movement restriction of the people in the urban blocking (lockdown), the spread of the delemer and the conspiracy theory, and all of them are just getting ready. It is only that vaccine development was a relatively early stage (within one year) that the difference is different from the present. However, at this point, 2.5 million in the United States, and a story that 26 million people died all over the world.

This "context", too real, and is not only the previous Katsuya-san, but also in various media, and surprise is written uniformly. Of course, it is a bit simplified for us that the expansion of neural virus infection is awake and the long path to the end of the long path, but it is a bit simplified, but this work is concentrated into the screen 105 minutes. It is a wonderful movie that seems good.

Currently, the cinema across the country is closed with a sales self-restraint, but when the corona was started, the movie theater was still working and went to see "1917 lives". This was also a masterpiece with a video work created in one cut. Oh, I also want to go to the cinema. The everyday life was really fun. Such a day soon comes quietly Monday for Monday for a week ........

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