Positive vision at negative timing-Part 3 (final round)


At a negative time due to the expansion of coronavirus infection, think about something with a positive vision. This time 3 (final round).

3. Root without losing to this aging: This week has finally become a full-fledged remote work around us. People who go out even if the emergency declaration will be out, and it will continue to shout out of the media, and it will continue to be shouted with the media, and the new coronavirus infection of the entertainer, and the tension of the corona vortex with the crisp complaints and so on the collapse from the medical site It feels that the degree increases at a stretch and has been reduced to the office. While your home work and diet is increasing, the local supermarket feels frightened and surprised that the customer who seeks grocery is crowded and surprised at the same time. Certainly, there are many places where the restaurant is not doing, and how do you eat and eat it? It is also true that there is only a supermarket and shopping that doesn't spend at home. If you think of such a thing, "Everybody's supermarket is not a place to enjoy with family! The shopping is not a family, but please go alone!" There was a commentator that says. Everyone, including me, I will go out if I could. It is as the commentator. Oh, self-toxicity (crying). My brother who is in the local million is working for the newspaper, but says that the number of business trips is reduced and it has become only the TV meeting. Anyway, even if you think that the work is completed with this situation, even if you end the Corona, you will never go to a business trip as ever. Certainly it is. If you have only done online, there is no business trip. Well then, what was the business trip to you? My brother and expense were too busy (laughs). Is the new coronavirus overturned our work-life style from the root easily? Just as a management and local government request, the management adjustment prominent will be a sustained benefit in freelance, and a cash benefit of 300,000 yen can be conditionally received by the private offering. I was. It has been announced one after another that the business scale in emergency economic measures, including expenditure and financial expenditure by country and region, and private burden. Furthermore, it is clear that it has become the direction of uniform benefit of 100,000 yen per capita today. In addition, "Abeno Mask" will be shipped from within Tokyo from 17th tomorrow (laughs). It is reported that the target of emergency situations is expanded in the direction of expanding to the capital prefecture, and the corona vortex has changed every day as soon as the public is out of public. The wind of the aging stop coming to us does not know that it stops, and feels that fear is covered by chasing the tired mind and the body, and it feels like a patience has a lot of insust. But there is no way to do it even if it is just an unprecedented situation. Don't lose to Corona, win corona! If you have such a strong heart firmly, go ahead. That's right now. I'm thinking of living with everyone as Katsuyukikodama, and I'm thinking of releasing shared items as a certificate that survived this era in the near future. "Versus COVID-19" plan is scheduled for emergency announcement. Of course, you also need a mask, but we will be able to go to us, and we will suggest a roasted item that can not lose to the agence that can be shared with the customer. Please stay tuned.


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