Positive Vision at Negative Times-Part 2


At a negative time due to the expansion of coronavirus infection, think about something with a positive vision. This time 2.

2. Looking for yourself in Corona shockIt was not an exaggeration to say that this blog of 4/1 is not an exaggeration to say that it is not an exaggeration to say. Especially lunch made a simple kitchen in the office, and there is a meal every day. In the first place, cooking is just a creation, so I used to have a lot of dishes standing in the kitchen on the kitchen. I think about the dishes of the day and make a food I want to eat while drinking alcohol. This is fun. It is really fun. The reason for cooking the cooking is the first half of the 2000s, who continued to go on a daily basis of Shinjuku's Shoko (Memories), and I will always be able to say that it is the last shime and the last shime It was a "Gifu shop" of the Chinese shop. I liked to stir-fry and stir-fry the general of the character of the Kejo Counter, stir-fried Nira Leva, and watch the sake while looking at the fried rice. It was a cool sake knob for me to see the general of the general of the super-fake stove and shake the deformed Chinese pots freely, and to see the exquisite seasoning of sugar and salt pepper, soy sauce and Shaoxing liquor. Chinese food extremely important seasonings are salt and pepper or soy sauce or soy sauce, and it was a sugar, and it was a sugar that is a sugar, learned from cooking watching at this "Gifu shop" counter. Neither is not limited to the Chinese shop, but I love to eat at an open kitchen shop counter such as Italian, Casuar French, and a settlery restaurant, and the food played by the flower plate in the counter is that the food played by the flower plate played by any movie and the play think. Among them, I became like I wanted to play his flower plate in my kitchen at home. Anyway, I want to imitate the hand of that kitchen knife, frying pan and iron pot. I could not do it even if I was not able to notice 30 cm Chinese pots at a nearby Knowder. I would like to do various dishes, I'm not going to reproduce the taste of that Chinese who went to "Gifu shop" I wanted to reproduce the taste of Chinese, not a fashionable silver colored aluminum pan and a simple teflon processed T-FAL I would have buys a full-fledged iron pot. The Chinese pot that you just bought is painted with rustpers, so it can not be used if it is not after baking. Even after starting to use, detergent is used to wash and store it with the remaining oil, with the base. If the dirt is low and the detergent is used, the salad oil is placed after drying and stored. By repeating this, it becomes natural Teflon, and the Chinese pot is black and grown in his color. Because it is such a troublesome pot, the more you use it, the more you use it. It is very similar to the relationship with Dodge-Oben used in the camp. Speaking of Dudge Oben, Lodge made in the United States. This is also an iron pot, so I first baked the rustwear wax and skip the oil. I will call this work. It's just like a Chinese pan where you can feel satisfaction with a "Blackpot", who has grown up in your black color. Chinese pan and Dodge-Obun are cooking instruments that spin their men. By the way, Dudge Obun uses the LogDe manufactured by the US, and Chinese pot is made in Japan, Yamada Industrial Office. Since there are many things I think about Chinese panes in the United States, Dudge-Obn, Yamada Industrial Arts in Japan, I have a lot of things. Little cooking making using such cookware is a little by little, but the repertoire has increased, and it would be likely to expose recipes soon. Oh, if"Katsuyukikodama's cooking mania (provisional)" This blog will be released and the hobbyShare with Mr.! This may be fun. There is a lot of ideas now and it is being organized, but I'm thinking of starting this blog on an early opportunity. There was this idea from the past, but I did not realize it. But the machine was ripe. A new look for myself in the corona shock has started!

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