Positive Vision at Negative Times-Part 1

The night was overnight from the emergency declaration committee. Will everyone spend? Some people who are not used to get used to work as they always go to the office as they are. I did not use public transportation, and I'm going to work with a bike for a long time since Koharu Hatsu continued and I feel really good. Bike is good to take the distance between people and people!

Our creation and manufacturing industry can not easily be at home, so everyone discussed, and as a result of talking with everyone, we spend time to work with the extreme people without changing the workstyles as ever This was true. There are also design works and main productions that have to proceed, so keep in mind while paying more attention.

Even so, since the market is such a condition, there is no job to the MAX value as ever, and it can not be helped to make production activities as a shakariki. WWD 's said Virgi saying "(now)," Our world is too fast because our world was too fast, so it should be a time to rest now I think that is just that.

So what should we do in such a "time flow"? Should I wait for Korona to pass? Because the economic activities of the whole world are stopping, there is also an idea that it will be impossible to move. But it is not suitable for us. If it is not necessary to move in vain, I think it is a great opportunity to reserve the current and future of the fashion industry that has arrived in the emergency declaration. Anyway, I'm going to go out self-restraint, and I will make a vision from now on while cultivating the spirit in my home or office. Because it is a negative time, it is more voxitive.

So what we are thinking about our team? Let's leave this blog as a record that should not be forgotten.

1. Preparing after overcoming the corona shock: Definitely different times from so far. In the fashion industry that will change 180 degrees, how do we do the origin of the creation? This is the most important thing now. All fashion weeks of each city of S / S2021, which was supposed to be held in this June, has been postponed or discontinued. Runway and large-scale trade shows also cancel all exhibitions by showrooms and single brands. If Corona does not converge our announcement in Japan, the outlook is severe. We were scheduled to be exhibited in March, PROJECT TOKYO of the American Joint Exhibition will be discontinued, and the first coupling exhibition, which was scheduled to be conducted in April with Diet Butcher Slim Skin, also the first coupling exhibition I stopped. Well then, do you have to wait for corona convergence with this as it is? It is not us who loses and loses to Corona! First of all, Katsuyukikodama has decided to hold a new collection announcement and a preceding order exhibition on the official web in May. Corona shock is also considered to be a cycle and re-expanded and re-expanded, and it is considered to go to the end of the end while repeated convergence and expansion. If you do so, a regular exhibition order receiving party with such a place to be exhibited may be held, and if you can be held, you may want to be canceled. In the first place, I'm not predicting anymore, but if it is not forecasting, it is the direction of doing the announcement to BTOB and BTOC simultaneously online. Yesterday I made various plans with the EC team chat TV meeting, but this WEB exhibition was not just a collection announcement, but it was decided to be a place for the unprecedented collection announcement that had a different gimmick. . I can not go out yet, but I would like to make a collection of collections that can be maximally made in the current official web system. Since there is no time, I need to pack packed into packing, but I would like to make the official web, such as this age. Please stay tuned! !

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