KATSUYUKIKODAMA'S 22 Greatest Albums of All Time

This blog was written on this blog only for new coronavirus, but many people are also unzari and many people are already unzari, and the emergency declaration will be stressed before the emergency and fear It will feel.So blow the fit and felt! In this this time, I will try to announce 22 heavy metal albums that I have been affected so far!

TitleKATSUYUKIKODAMA's 22 Greatest Albums of All TimeIt is not a ranking, so I will give it a pleasure to the tempo well with my mind. Well, are you in a favorite album?

[Dream Theater] Metropolis pt.2: Scenes from a Memory(1999): A solitary album in my life. A magnificent concept album with progressive and dramatic.Includes our answer "The Spirit Carries On". Perhaps listen to 1000 times or more.

Dream Theate]A Dramatic Turn of Events(2011)A album that demonstrates the aggregate of genius again. The composition and development of the song are too perfect. There are new discoveries when listening to me.

Anthem] Hunting Time(1989): A masterpiece of Anthem before dissolution. Seven songs of the whole body established a position where unwavering in Japan. The 30th anniversary LIVE was held in spring 2019.

Anthem] Nucleus(2019): All Japanese Best Best Albums Released to the whole world. A famous panel that will be overwhelmed by the number of songs sublimated by the Book and new record.

RATT] Out of the Celler(1984): A flashy visual and catchy hard rock and roller grabbed my heart that was junior high school. An album that became a longing kicker to LA.

Rattt] INVATION OF YOUR PRIVACY(1985): The highest album of the 80's LA metal that pursued the musicality with a grown band.

MOTLE CRUE] Dr.FeelGood(1989): A album that blooms from the gram and the bread clock to the music talent of all members at once. It has won the US No. 1 and is filled up in a number of famous songs.

MOTLE CRUE] MOTLEY CRUE(1994): The only album that John Corabi sings. The song is an exclusive and luxurious industrial, which was calculated to be perfectly calculated with Nicky Six and Tommy LeeIt is hit in the groove of the rest of the rest.

GAMMA RAYHeading for tomorrow(1990): A famous place where Kai Hansen's talent is brought together. Ralph Seapar Hitohon is a few of the majestic songs played by heavy chorus and guitar and strings.This juman metal.

Gamma ray Sign No More(1991): Debut 2 was regarded as a problem with fans, but it is a serious work with a healthy song with Heavenly Song.

PANTERA VULGAR DISPLAY OF POWER(1992): This album felt the rush to a new era with a spinning, heavy and sharp and aggressive musicality from the glamorous La metal Movenent. The Walle of Philip Anselumo was too cool.

PANTERA] FAR BEYOND DRIVEN(1994): The album that established its own musicality in the genius groove of Vigny Paul and Daim Back Darrell Brothers. NO I won NO. 1, but then damback was shot by fans, Viny is a disease of 54 years old.

Judas Prist] Defenders of the Faith(1984): Lob Halford, which establishes a heavy metal fashion called Double Riders and Pytapita Leather Pan, which has been struckless. Glen Thypton and K ·It was fascinated by the Hammer of the K. Downing twin lead.

Judas Prist] Painkiller(1990): A drummer has changed the metal at once by replacing Scott Travis. Lob's high-tone, Glen and K · K's twin guiters are also increasing the brightness and the best masterpiece in the band history.

Iron Maiden] PowerSlave(1984): This album was for the first time in the neighborhood record rental. Bruce Dickinson's squatted Heighton and Steve Harris movements were beaten to the baseline. A masterpiece that is familiar with the world.

Metallica】 Metallica(1991): A super famous machine that is known without saying. The change of the true heavy metal, which sets the slush metal so far, was a factor that leads to a great success. Horizontal Nori's groove is also comfortable.

Whitesnake Whitesnake(1987): A David Cavadil's color that appeared in PV and a deep kiss, the color of David Cavadir, which was a high school student, was high school. Tommy Aldrich dramming is also required.

Stryper] To Hell With The Devil(1986): Catchy hard rock and thick chorus make the wind of the United States West Coast strongly. But why didn't you become a super hit maker band?

BABYMETAL] BABYMETAL(2014): The first time I was installed on acquaintance, I was in the middle since watching it on Youtube. A sense of watching your daughter doing metal. Soon after listening to Dessvas coming out of a quite a perfect song development and a girl.

BABYMETAL] METAL RESISSTANCE(2016): 39th place in the United States · A masterpiece that achieved the feat of the 19th Britain. London's Winblie Arena and Triumphal Performance Tokyo Dome 2DAYS at World Tour Achieve Sold Out. A variety of songs such as metal, techno, and progress made a wide possibility of the broad potential.

Accept] Russian Roulett(1986): Uddark Snowder's Glasses' Gala voices have made the most of the famous songs, and Udo is fired immediately after the release. I wanted to listen to the songs in the album live. When I listen at a large volume with a car driving at the time of my father, noisy! It was cut (laughs).

GUNS N Roses】 USE YOUR ILLUSION(1991): A name album that GUNS whirlwind blasts worldwide over a few years from release. "November Rain" PV boasts the first place of Youtube's playback! !

Well, did you enjoy it?

I think it's just a major album if it is the same generation as me. Bands playing 22 albums are still active while repeating dissolution and reinforming, all bands except PANTERA are still active. No ~ ~ ~, music is really wonderful!

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