It is important to record rather than memory

With the expansion of new coronavirus infection, it is likely to be similar to the situation after the Great East Japan Earthquake, as it is swallowed by the wave of information coming to each other day. At the time 2011, we remember that "self-restraint" of events and celebration events and consumption behavior itself are "unnecessary unset". In the spread of this new coronavirus, the same "self-restraint" and "unnecessary" are different, and they are mainly used for outgoing, dining options, meetings, etc. Deregistries will be used well with these two keywords. If you read the designer's blog of my belonging brand in 2011 after a long time, there will be many descriptions for them.

A blog of April 10, 2011 after one month from the Great East Japan Earthquake, "Title:Honest feeling of thinking of cherry blossomsThenFinally, the cherry blossoms in Tokyo are in full bloom, and the seasonal season has finally done. In this year, this time is that, with the visit of spring, the purchasing awareness increases, and the live fashion industry of Boku is a very exciting time. This year's completely different air driftsStarting with "Self-industrial mood associated with the Great East Japan Earthquake is exactly2I feel strongly that it is the next disaster" Immediately after the earthquake, fashion was "unnecessary unspayed", and department stores and fashion buildings were quiet, and people were not gathered in the city. Furthermore, the blog isIs it good in Japan who follows the poor poverty? Is it okay to decline since bubble collapse? Can I keep in mind that the person, material, economic damage received by this big earthquake? Generation and economically, Bok et al. But who has been deeply damaged, but why not excitement due to consumption that has been deeply damaged?"I'm throwing questions to the reader. Anyway, I want to break up the situation full with the sense of obstruction and the feeling that I want to break down. continueSupport consumption. Bok et al. Creating and selling things, and conversely, it is also a one who is different from his sector. The field of fashion is a fact that it was unnecessary, but it was not just the creation and consumption of what was unnecessary for the postwar recovery and growth, and it was exactly unnecessary.It will be discussed. AndNow Bok et al. Brightly enjoyed and rising with a smile, and she moved to a lot of events and jumps against a lot of events.(Things)I would not have to consume, I want to scream loudly. It is a truth strategy to be the power of many affected people, and it is strongly conscious"Tightened. Why don't you remember if you wrote in the brand designer blog that you belongs to such content at that time, but probably weIt would have been a strong feeling that it would be unforgettable as a fact that the sense of "self-restraint" and "unnecessary" domestic mood in the first time you experience for the first time. Nine years ago, I am strong in the content wrapped with a sense of sadness.

Two days after the earthquake occurrence of this one month ago, the blog of March 13, 2011 "Title:the currentIn ", I write down the surroundings at the time of earthquake occurrence. "At that time, I was a business trip, and I was in the planning team N-kun, I kun and Himeji. The business talk is finished, and just to arrive at the moment, Mr. T of the vendor of Higashi-Osaka was surprised that the major earthquake occurred. straight awayiPhoneIf you check the news in, Magnitude off the coast of Miyagi Prefecture8.8、Seismic intensity in Tokyo5Strong (all announced at the time of occurrence). Even if I contact Tokyo, I can not get in touch with anyone at that time, and everyone's safety was very worried"((At the discovery where I was riding at that time)16I left the Himeji at a time. It passed through China, Meishin, Toya Toma, and it has fallen from Shimizu IC.1Seamless. After the mountain road, after North, he rides from Kofu to central high speed and rushes into the metropolitan area. (Omitted) From Himeji15I returned to my home after time" further"Fortunately, everyone in Tokyo is all safe for each of the private companies. M-kun of the sales team is an earthquake after a business talk in Yurakucho. To Omotesando1A few minutes on foot. Y-kun, who was in the subway surface station station, witnessed that the home is not standing. M-kun and i are in panic state in the press room.3FSewing machine falls and broken the floor"I write down the staff of the staff at that time. "The staff are at night and come home on foot7I went home over time. My personal office H was waiting for the recovery of private railways and remained in the company" In addition, the blog is written by the customers in the Tohoku region, and the safety of a colleague who returned to Miyagi prefecture with past staff, etc.I pray for everyone's safety"Tightened".

Furthermore, the blog also describes the SNS and devices that started mainstream. "During a return direction from Himeji, with staffFacebookAnd safety. Mobile emailWebEmailGmailNearly communicationorDuring delay reception,FacebookThere is no problem at all. In additionDiscoveryBecause there is no television,TwitterRitte from"In the cariPhoneVia UstreamNHKLook at the internet phoneViberWell, I could easily keep in touch with everyone. It became closed(Tomei Expressway)From Shimizu IC., North upper route to central high speed,iPhoneupperGoogleThere was no map without map" Speaking of which, I had a usstream! Nostalgic. After that Viber is a run of Internet telephone, it was common because it was free when calling Japan from overseas. further"Emergency disaster,FacebookYatwitteriPhoneThe new media and devices were well understood that they do not take over the previous media, television, radio, newspaper. That is the generation of media generation"I am not able to do it now and I have made it a lot of SNS and smartphones. At the end of this blogAftershocks and Fukushima nuclear power plants do not allow forecasts""Tokyo's supermarkets have already been unique to the Tokyo's supermarkets, as the high speed connected to the metropolitan area, such as Tomei, Central, Kanno, Tohoku, etc. The information of the circle power outage starts to appear from Tokyo Electric Power, and the home center is also a flashlight or battery sold out"The contents of the city of the city and the tension of the home center at that time were written, and the contents that are very similar to" panic buying "due to expansion of new coronavirus infections are described. At the end"When I think about the victims of the Tohoku region and the families of the family, the mind is likely to break, and the food does not go through. I would like to express my heartfelt. In the future, we will not forgive to be inevitable, such as aftershocks yet. Let's be careful about each otherIt is tightened.

The designer blogs that you belong to that time are closed before, but they are separately stored in Facebook 'Notes', and open after a long time, and the text you wrote for their readingsI was surprised. Memory is tampered with, but the recorded recorded in the midst of the earthquake 9 years ago is very lively.

On his last blog, the external team is ChatWork, Teams in the group, and the use of Communication tools was cleared and the use of Communication Tools was clear. It was also written that the Communication Tool was similar to that of the Eastern Japan Earthquake from email and SMS, but it was similar to that Facebook, Twitter, LINE changed, but if it is a disaster such as a panic of disasters and infection spreading, existing tools It will be a dramatic change from to new tools and a reset will be kicking. And "self-restraint" and "unnecessary unsuspecting" are strongly felt that the word in the world has changed, and it is strongly felt that it must be recorded again.

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