What do I do what do I do with new corona measures?

Article "WWD Japan has delivered to 3/27"What do you think about what the designers of the nest is doing in the new Corona measures?"" Is interesting. Are there any more life in Paris, Milan, and New York, who are prohibited from the expansion of new coronavirus infections? A figure of searching for creative spending of Virgir and Massimo is covered.

"Now that it is a large-scale small pause. Because our world was too fast, it is good to think it's time to rest," said Virgir, "I can do serious work because it is a tense situation" While saying that this situation is positive. Some designers who enjoy time with yoga, cooking and dog at home, some of the designers who are immersing at work in the office. Communication with the members will use FaceTime, iMessage, WhatsApp, etc. and align everyone. In a unprecedented situation of the whole world, the content that convey the designers is quite interesting.

If it is it! Since I was not able to come from WWD Japan (laughs), "What are you thinking about what do I think about?"

Daily life: As of 4/1, Japan has not yet been emergencies in Japan, so it is possible to lift the life until I can not usually go to the street. Like the city of the world, there is a shortage of toilet paper, and the purchase of groceries in preparation for urban blockade, but at home, there is also stockpiling from the past, and even if the product is temporarily out of the supermarket Since it is delivered a few days later, it is not necessary to become panic at this time. Commuting is about half of cars and trains. It is not very concerned because it is a car and I don't care, but the train is really scary. I will not touch various places, but I will take care of my hand at the moment I arrive at the office or go home. What you are doing with many people is the same. It is a big change that it can not go to the gym in the healthcare surface. With the news of corona infection in the gym, the foot to the gym was far away. So I revived jogging out of several decades. But I'm surprised to run! ! Gym's machine and outside jogging have a difference between heaven and earth. The wind and the height difference also feels good. And more than anything (laughs). There is no stress because the gym runs in the middle of 25 degrees during the year, and there is no stress, but the temperature is different every day. This time is still cold, so I'm not native to go to jogging now is not honest now. But I do not have to put my strength that I can not lose to Corona, and I will try my best for a while.

Daily work: I'm in progress every day with the contents of the street. Design and write drawings to create a specification and make a dummy. If the dummy is corrected several times, it will move to the fabrication of the final sample when it reaches the final form. Since the market is shlink, it is an activity in anxiety and a feeling of fatigue, and it is quite difficult to sustain concentration because it is a creation that is not visible at all. It is a great opportunity to concentrate on creating new things. In fact, the new work under production is really cool and it's a bad thing (laughs). His MD Meeting for Ideas Outside the Team is also done with a strong conviction that the dummy production of the blowout of the buddy and Sako, and the strong belief that you always grab the dream and happiness after this difficult. There is a surprisingly great quality thing of amazing. In addition, it has come to take an outsourcing EC team with TV meeting and ChatWork a more comfortable communication. In the group, Teams and private use LINE and communication tools should be clear. During the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Communication Tool is similar to that from email and SMS to Facebook, Twitter, and LINE.

Day-to-day lunch: Originally lunch made a simple kitchen in the office, and I am cooking every day. So there is no change in corona in lunch. I love cooking. It will be stress divergence, and since it is a creation of the cooking, the weekend has been challenged in the kitchen and challenged various dishes. Because the food making a professional is also interesting, it will be able to set the open kitchen restaurant or the Chinese restaurant and the Counter of the Chinese restaurant and the cooker's counter to starve the cock's hand-ribriage and the seasoning used. It is really fun to make the taste and imitate at home and make food is one of my hobbies. Previously, lunch was only eating out, but after making a kitchen coming to the current office and making a kitchen, lunch cooking can not be fun. What I became lunch at the office is the influence of LA friends. There was an open kitchen in the office of the friend's office in the LA Venice neighborhood, and the staff had lunch and dinner in that kitchen. Even though I say it's a good thing, it's about Sandwitch, but various seasonings, cookware, cooking instruments, microwaves, ovens, kettle, with various seasonings, cooking instruments, and kettle, who are spaced with vegetables and meat, I was really angry. Besides, it is plain to be installed up to the beer server. I thought that I wanted to make a corner of the office like this, but now the cooking in the finished kitchen is no exaggeration to say that my creation is the source of my creation.

Daily dinner: Previously, he was delivered to the night city as every day. However, since there was an increase in home drinking for a couple of years, there is no dinner as well as a lunch, and there is no influence of corona. It is no longer not so much, and I feel the change. It is an amount of alcohol. Sometimes I lost the amount and type of liquor drinking at home because I was not drinking out in a self-restraint request. In addition to beer, wine and shochu, Burbon Scotch joined. Barbon Scotch fell asleep before deep sake (laughs) because the frequency is high compared to wine (laughs). So sleeping time is long and healthy (← ← honma?). As the type and amount increased, the dust day of the can and bottle is a great amount of empty can and an empty bottle. Perhaps neighbors are drinking at home, and the trash box is superfluent with weekly days of dust. For food,Recently, the quality of sushi and side dishes selling at the supermarket is very high, and if you actually buy it, sushi is good and there are a lot of side dishes that do not lose to eating out. Besides, I can drink and go to bed as it is. And if it is much cheaper in 1/3 or 1/2 of the food food, this is fine if it is good, and everyone will think of this. But this is a really pine situation for the food service industry. The same thing in fashion can be said, so I didn't like clothes and bags because I was not going to go out and I didn't like it, and I didn't buy a new work, but I can't buy it separately It is good. So, the next season, new clothes and bags are not buying, and one year is past at no time. As the egress industry, the fashion industry is also a bad situation. Unnecessary urgently influenced by words, it will change the food style and fashion purchase cycle so far from the root, but change to the people's feelings. This is the fear of corona.

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