In an unprecedented situation

Canceled and postponement of each country, such as Milan, Paris, London and NY in June, announced.

New Coronavirus has a great change in our lives and economic activities. Our mind of the mind and anxiety are similar to the Great East Japan Earthquake, but their consciousness is common to the whole world. Every day is a serious aspect of the human virus, so if you can continue the lifestyle style so far, you can not confirm the person alone, and what happened to the future of this summer? No one can predict.

It's like this, creating an item with a dream, and I'm holding my fun and pleasure through the fashion, I feel the daily creation activities, but I feel that I will destroy the news. Economic news such as traversal, exchange rate, retailer sales, population infection (cluster), global epidemic (pandemic), infected explosion (overshoot), urban blockade (rock down), new coronavirus Terminology of infection and transmission that comes out one after another, we will involve the vortex of fear.

From the leading leader, "It is a national situation" or "the emergency since World Wars", and "Fighting with Coronavirus = Battle Deaviation" is shared by people from all over the world, we Milan and Paris, which came as a place to announce, were completely fluffy by coronavirus. Travel to LA was planned this summer, but this year is absolutely impossible. I do not know if I can go next year. It will be unplugged with the emergency in an emergency, and the video of New York and Paris, which has been gown and medical collapse, and the image of Milan and Madrid hospitals will be a surprise, but future Japan, our alive Even in order to take care of Tokyo who is active, I have to look directly on the situation of various places and do not feel emotional and act calmly.

The jealkee of Shimura Ken who came in this morning that came in the morning of the weekend. He is still younger than 70 years old. Mr. Shimura is one of our generation of comedy brothers. We were all "8 o'clock! All at 8 o'clock! All membership" was broadcasted only to stay up to 9 o'clock on the end of the program. Mr. Shimura's song "It's a crow's self-sounding ~" It's a crispy of the crow, but I was decided by the control of the control every time, but I was an elementary school high school year I laughed every time, and Higai is a class Everyone danced every boy for each happening party and a theater meeting of the school year.

Probably Mr. Shimura will also know the young generation, so the death of entertainers who feel familiar will be a kick that everyone will begin seriously as a more familiar fear of Corona. The actual market was also sensitive to the Tokyo Stock Market, and the market was lowered over 800 yen.

I'm sorry for the corona-related reports and sad news that comes to this with this, but my heart is tired. The cherry blossoms in Tokyo are not yet scattered, but I wonder if I can not dance at all even if I look at the cherry blossoms this year. Even in this blog in the pastSeason of cherry blossomsInCherry blossomsWriting and thinking about the cherry blossoms this year before Corona begins. But now I can not afford my heart.

Oh, I wonder if it is written about "Meeting to see cherry blossoms". It may be the type of type.

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