Tami-chan (Maiden) is hot!

Before this summer, wholesale buyers were introduced by Diet Butcher Slim Skin (: DBSS), and they will meet at Katsuyukikodama showrooms early.

On the day of the appointment, the DBSS designer begins, the patterner's Kawano-san, Sales and Press Narita's three people came, but I was slightly late at the time of promise and locked the entrance So, I was waiting outside the showroom for a while.

Three DBSS members waiting outside the showroom are the appearance of the apparel shop. As quietly, the luster of the luster and the elegance of Mumbun stands. I saw the three people and spoke to the showroom and saying "It is a huge ball" without getting lost. That's our encounter.

After entering the showroom, I am surprised to try the designer's business and each other and the current story! There are too many common points! !

First of all, is a classmate. The classmates were not every other with designer friends. The place where you live is also near, and regular bars are also common. Furthermore, the member composition of the company starts and the current situation and the common items are also destroyed, and the sighs come out. It was a person & team that was so near that I did not get acquainted so far.

It was decided to put out the collaboration item of bags and accessories in the Tokyo collection of October at the business story of the day. Just before our 2020 spring and summer exhibition, I came back to the exhibition again and decided to decide the collaboration item.

We reunited at Katsuyukikodama2020 Spring and Summer exhibition after a few weeks. Theiliates a 10-up item to modify for collaboration items. He was going to fade the idea quickly and produce samples. After a point of view at the exhibition, we delivered to the night city. At the first deal at the first business talk, the people were leaving "next time, let's do a message!" Since I felt strongly "the same alcohol" while looking at the back figure, I was really looking forward to the night after the exhibition business talk.

The first chopsticks enjoyed delicious sashimi and small dishes in fish shop. The distance of the two people came close to "Let's call Kat-chan and Tami-chan!" At the fish shop! Next, I moved to the cafe, but the way Tami came out of cool out. Did you get drunk from each other's original pace from the beginning? I was thinking, but I came back Tami-chan, "I'm going to go ahead because I found a funny store!" It seems that I went out to explore the next store, not getting intoxicated outside. At this point I think that "I'm a bad person!?"

The third day of the day that Tami-chan discovered was "snack" rooted in the local area. Mom was my mother's age, time was time, and the sake is time and the knob is dry, and the time in karaoke is a selfish condition and eating dry monkeys. The night was over. We were expanding that after the snacks, but I was relieved there, and the DBSS team, the DBSS team said the place to change the place until morning, and I felt "the same alcohol" . And Tami-chan, after all I was pretty good (laughs).

After that, the Tokyo Collection After Party and Exhibition Friends Day, Collection Thank you very much, thank you very much, but Tami-chan's drinking is really bad. I drank a soup at Shinjuku 2-chome, but Tami-chan's friend has increased more and more, and when I became Herohoro around 4 o'clock, I am a lot of sake with a large number of men and women, young people, orisha (Sweat). Lily, I love such people, I love such people.

Well, the story of the collaboration with Tami-chan looks forward to the content of the "Special", so look forward to it!

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