Los Angeles 2019 ~ last round

My friend's new partner (hereinafter referred to as: J) in Los Angeles (hereinafter: J) was a just fit in the same generation and just fit the music hobbies and became good friends. J looked at my appearance that makes DITA's tier drop in hairstyles with wax and spray, and called me every time I named "JAPANESE ROCKSTAR" (laughs).

Such J from Such Jo, and I asked two replies and OK on the two replies, saying that Deep Purple's the Wilturn is a Hall of Corian Town on Wednesday. Speaking of DEEP PURPLELos Angeles 2019 ~ Part 3I wrote, but no one who does not know in the generation Buritish Hard Rock World Legend. Currently, it will probably be the end of the age that is named "The Long Goodbye" is a World Tour.

When I was a high school, the band won by the local Oita High School Rock Championships was the "Darjeeling" of the two-co-school's seniors of the same high school, and of course he served as a trigroup, but the last The song was Deep Purple 'SMOKE ON THE WATER'. The appearance of the moment of the moment when the intro flows and the place of the seniors' band "Darjeeling" is still more than 30 years and remembers clearly. I'm really lucky that I can see the original Deep Purple's raw play with the original Deep Purple raw play in the essential American LA. I was going to go suddenly, but I was really waiting for Wednesday.

The hall of the live venue is a long-established long-established long-established store, and in 2016 BabyMeytal is a place where the BabyMeytal was sold out on his US tour. We met at the Korean restaurant near THE WILTURN and met the venue because they met and eaten lightly. The live is starting at 7 o'clock, but even after 7 o'clock, j will ask the beer and food more and more and do not go to the venue in a way. Is it all right? ? To say J, "Opening Act is played from 7 o'clock. Main Act has appeared from around 9 o'clock!" It seems so! Western bands are always able to take a tour with the front door to pull them out! In the 80's, Ozzy Osbourne's older, MOTLE CRUE, RATT's former seat has a coupling like BON JOVI and it is really jealousy!

The THE WILTURN entered THE WILTURN was now when it was likely to be 9 o'clock. If you go through the entrance gate, there is a BAR and everyone is talking while drinking beer. There are a lot of people who are commemorative shooting in front of the information board of the Wilturn backboard and Deep Purple performances, and swirls with hot air around. We went to 1F seat while drinking beer. If you sit in your seat and look around the entire venue, the field of the Wilturn is just a traditional American concert venue itself. Guns N 'Roses' 'November Rain', such as the Ritz, was a strict live hall like the Ritz, and I did not feel moved and heard for the realism of Hard Rock.

Deep purple appears as soon as possible! It's a shame that the guitarist is not Richie Black Mor, but Vo. Of Ian Gilan, B. Roger Glover, DS. Ian Pass, Various! The venue is a large chorus from the first "Highway Star". "Pictures of Home", "Lazy", "PERFECT STRANGERS", such as "PIRFECT STRANGERS", play live play. So, "Smoke on the Water" tightened one part. This tour has Key. It was not John Road, but I wanted to see John Road, of course John Road, but Michael Shenker Group, Gayley Moore, Ozzy Osbourne Co-starred in Don Eyie I was really happy to hear the performance, and the middle Keyboard Solo was the highlight of the show of this day. Also, since I used to hit the drum during high school-university times, it was an Ian-Pesse model, so I was able to watch Ian's play with LA and I'm just a miracle. Deep Purple has a stable rhythm over 50 years without retrofit on Ian Pass, which is not good at Earth. Deep Purple that appeared on the stage again with encore, tightened the show with "Hush" and "Black Night".

Hard Lock Hands Deep Purple of Hard Lock Legend. This experience is not so, and the real sense of the Wilturn in the live venue will never forget it. Thank you, j! !

This year's LA was also fun. Next year, La! !


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