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On September 20, 2019, Katsuyukikodama Paradiddle Daimaru Shinsaibashi branch opened the first direct store of Kansai area.

Grand Opening of Daimaru Shinsaibashi Store From the pre-opened the day before, I was able to get in touch with a lot of user customers, and I was able to spend a happy time. Thank you very much. In addition, my parents, my friend, my brother's university friend's friends also came to celebration, and it was really outless.

Thank you very much for the Daimaru Shinsaibashi store where you can see the full lineup of KATSUYUKIKODAMA!

Well, Osaka is a special place where various feelings are mixed for me. So this time, "KK" "Map" Map "" series "Map" is sent out for a long time! I will talk about "Osaka" for me.

SPOT 01. Osaka-elementary and junior high school, high school age: I visited Osaka for the first time in 1981, summer vacation at 5 years of elementary school. In Osaka, there were father's aunt, and I sights together Kobe Port peer, Osaka and Nara, which was held in that year. There is only a big city for me who does not know too much. Bill is high and there are many people. At the nearest Tennoji Station, where Makoto-chan lived, the speed of walking speed was almost double, and the figure appeared to be funny and the surprise did not stop. I also saw the roadside living in the road that is not in Oita. It is new to the subway and the train that connects to the local area, which will be tightened in Osaka city, and it was a completely different city that was completely different from the country of the country, it was stimulated. The favorite baseball team was originally a Hanshin Tigace in Osaka, and I was a junior high school, 1985, Hanshin is the success of Bath, Motor, Okada, Mayumi et al. I was. In the Japan series, he is the first Japan's first Japan. Hanshin's victory was more deeply in love with my Osaka love, and I fell in love in Osaka more and more. I visited such Osaka many times in high school. I was able to go to Osaka because I was there, and my parents would be easy to deposit her son for my parents. It was really fun to travel to Osaka alone instead of family and to explore the city. It is also Osaka to have eaten beef bowl for the first time. Umeda or some big terminal station was a great guy restaurant, and I was born there for the first time eating a beef bowl. It is also the shop that I knew that I had a lightly boiled beef with sweet juice like sukiyaki. Oita has not yet advanced Yoshinoya and Matsuya, so I became a quick and fast and delicious beef bowl. Moreover, I was able to eat and went out the store and went out of the store. Is that store still? In Amamura of Shinsaibashi, he was looking for 501 and nel shirt of old clothes. Naturally, it was not a old arrival shop, so this is also fresh. Since the money was not so much, I was carefully selected and carefully tried a shop with many stores. We also fished Heavy Meta's record every day to import record shops in Apollo Building in Tennoji. Bought the imported version of the legendary slash band "Venom" that was a topic at that time is the Apollo Building record shop. There are a lot of indaler records and I will not get tired of every hour. I was really jealous that such a store was Oita. One day, discover a suspicious video shop in the shopping street of Shinsaibashi muscle! Like a record shop, I bought an erotic video for the first time while passing to the store every day (laughs). There were several romantic porns and the cinema of the Western-style porn pornography where I entered the roadside train station of Tennoji Station, and I wanted to enter and I was not lovable, but after all there is no reckbum Cancel. That questions thin street, now it is no longer organized. Even so, food, fashion, music, erotic, for me, all Subarchals of the youth period were sources of sources.

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