Los Angeles 2019 ~ Part 3

The new partner of my friend (hereinafter as: J) in Los Angeles (hereinafter: J) was introduced the day after arriving at LA. J is the same generation, and the story was a great exciting talk about music and culture early in the 80's.

The 80's of our youth, LA was really hot. A number of bands were born and active in the LA Hollywood neighborhood, and they were devoted to sex drag parties. I do not know how to actually did it, but I read such a figure on a music magazine and watched on a television, and our envy for LA was walked more and more and became bigger.

Moreover, in the music PV flowing in MTV, while playing daily with many beautiful women, if you do LIVE, you can easily fill the arena class's Capapapa and play in front of an audience that is full of audiences. I want to send such a rock-roll life! Longing, I was dreaming and I was a goal of life.

When I asked J, I was looking at it, and after all LA, Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Scene seems to have been exciting. However, it was different from my recognition that the scene that burned hot and burned was not a natural occurrence in LA, but it was said that it was from Britain as a New Wave.

Judas Prist and Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath / Ozzy Osbourne et al., Originally from the United Kingdom and the names of successful groups in the United States are frequently appeared. Not only that, J is a successful scorpions from Germany to the United States and successful AC / DC from Australia.

Furthermore, the name of the 70's Brytoche Band Deep Purple and LED Zeppelin and Rolling Stones were all the names from the United Kingdom and Europe, including the United Kingdom and Europe.

J Wow, they came to the mainland of America and seem to be able to fill the arena class and began to fire in the scene. Japan's Media also had noisy at the beginning of New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM), but J at the home of LA spoke the same. But J saying, J had New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM), and New Wave was saying that he came from England.

The bandmans who watched it as an audience in the early 80's, the bandmans who watched it as an audience and launched the band, and they are jumping out of the scene from a small Capa LA club like Wiskey A Go Go, Roxy, Country Club It will be. Certainly, when you look at the PV at the time of Ratt and Motley Crue, there will be a lot of live scenes in a small club.

Since I thought that LA metal was completely generated from the location of LA so far, I was really surprised to hear that story. The mystery of "Why Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Movement has happened in the LA in the one of the Rural LA?" The mystery of "New Wave has come from the UK", "Nature in LA Not). I was able to easily answer the encounter with j. I wonder if I was a little deerated LA in me ... lol

If you're joining music, "Oh, let's say that the wilturn of Corian Town on Wednesday is a hall of Deep Purple, but will you go?" Speaking of Deep Purple, there are no people who do not know in the generation. Legend of the british hard rock world. Currently, I played live in Tomei Osaka last year in the World Tour, which was broken with "The Long Goodbye".

The hall of the wilturn is also a long-established long-established store, and in 2016 BabyMeytal is a place where the BabyMeytal was sold out on his US tour.

Hard Rock / Heavy Metal's home LA, there is no reason to invite Deep Purple's live. I answered "Of course I will go !!!" in two replies.

4 for 4

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