Hello Shinsaibashi OSAKA !!! Part 2

By the way, Katsuyukikodama Paradiddle Daimaru Shinsaibashi branch opened in the second retail store of Kansai area this month. Osaka is a special place with various feelings for me. So after a long time, "KK" "Map" Map "" series will be sent out! We will talk about "Osaka" for me.

SPOT 02. Osaka-University era for me: I loved Osaka, so I was looking at the university of Osaka. I lived in Osaka and went to Osaka University and supported Hanshin, and teamed with college friends and heavy metals ..., he was a dream for high school days. In Osaka, I went to Osaka Long hair and I encountered Metal bastards that wear London slim + Western boots. Of course, the young people who made such a wind were not so much at that time. There was a metal bromide store at the Oidori Shimizu-ji Temple in Kyoto, who went on a school trip, but the Bandman's older brother of the sales member was a very cool, cool, like Jake E. Lee, which was in the ideas of Ozzu Bone Bone, I talked a lot about Randy Rose, who just came out of the older brother and the tribute album without visiting the temple. Osaka (←) There were a lot of metal bandmans in Kansai, including Kyoto and Kobe, for me at that time. Japan's metal scene was a Loudness, Earthshaker, 44 Magnum, and Osaka was the main battlefield, so band boom and metal movement would have been wound together. It is very similar to Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Movement placed in USA LA in the 80's. Hanshin was also a flow of a metal movement to live in a booming Osaka. However, my brother passes to university in Tokyo, and my life starts to go out of the planned direction. One day "My brother is a double and doubled at Osaka and doubled in Tokyo, and it was difficult to go to the university of Tokyo and lived together with my brother?" Certainly I knew that I was able to go out to Tokyo from the region outside of the prefecture, so I thought it would be said that I could go to Tokyo instead of Osaka from my parents, but I thought it was thin and I thought it was thin. It was not possible to refuse the formal request from, and I gave up the Osaka migration plan with the idea of ​​the abdomen. So, I started looking for a university in Tokyo, and I went to Tokyo as it was, but my thoughts to Osaka continued without being interrupted. Since my aunt was also in Osaka, I went to Osaka for a while. I know that Ded Chaplin et al., Yodo, who is a Voi of Tokyo Metal band, who is a favorite of the "Osaka, Flower's Fun", held in 1990, has a summer festival that has a summer festival that has a Ded Chaplin et al. What. On the way to the Shinkansen, encountered members of Anthem on the way they got from Nagoya. If you convey to the members that you are looking from in Tokyo, the leader's Naoto and Dr. MAD Dauchi-san, who was very happy ... is there. The Hanshin Tigers' match was often seen in Tokyo Dome and Jingu Stadium. Hanshin fell at the bottom of 87 years after two years of victory, from Japan's 1st to the 1st Japan's 1st, Bath Return, Hartet, Filder. I will follow the weakening of weakening, but I played a fierce victory fight from Yakult and Pachireche, in addition to Kameyama, Shinshu, Kugi Young, in the season of four years of university. I also watched the Tenno Mountain at the Season Final Circle, and I also watched the Tenno Mountain at the Jingu Stadium, but I lost my second place. Once on the way back, when I got into the Hard Rock Cafe of Roppongi, I was encountered with the Omari I was playing at the Jingu Stadium. Even if you're a shaking hands with an O'Marry that eats a Caesar salad with more than two people, she had tears of her regret so much tears (← really?). I spent four years of university in Tokyo, I got a job in Tokyo in Tokyo, but I had a job in Tokyo, but Osaka love would have been strong, and I was a job. Osaka was headquartered. However, I thought that I was recruited to Tokyo and it seemed likely to go to Osaka because I was assigned to the Tokyo headquarters, so I thought I could not go to Osaka as a student. However, from two years later, Osaka will become familiar again.

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