Los Angeles 2019 ~ Part 2

Los Angeles (hereinafter: LA) has come to the most favorite city in the world in an instant for jumping through Paris and Milan since visiting five years ago. Since then, I came to go to LA in late summer. Carrata air and the west coast resort specially rooted atmosphere, firmly rooted music and trend fashion origin of the trend. It is a great place to foster the spirit of the creation while resting slowly.

This time I touched many art during my stay. "Los Angeles County Museum (LACMA)" and "THE BROAD" were time-consumed and enjoyed new and old art and experienced cutting-edge art with "ARTS District" that has been attention.

"Modern art" that touches the picture and model of modern masters, "Modan Art" and "pop art" that can be enjoyed just with the "pop art" and the destruction of art and La "Street art" that can feel now By contacting time series while staying, the destination of Katsuyukikokodama will be clearly visible. Speaking of greed, I stayed for a few days and I wanted to feel more deeply. It is a really meaningful experience that I was a really meaningful experience that I was a really meaningful experience that I was a sense of interest noted that it was a realistic experience, but I just returned to the LA even tomorrow. There is.

On the day of LA stay, the "Arts District" at the eastern end of downtown and Waist Hollywood Robertson BLVD. The "Design District" in the circumference was spent over time. There were many hints that would be the source of my creation from now on. "Beautiful chaos" of "Dover Street Market" made of "ARTS DISTRIT" last year and street art of the neighborhood is more exciting, and this feeling is from now on. It was completely ascended with the boiling point or passed through the boiling point. Even after moving to "Design District", it is too much oil to be excited by "Maxfieldla", and when it reaches the city of Melrose, it is also possible to forget that it is sunny and it is time of Dinner's time LA art Stimulation continued to take continuously.

The contour of the next stage of the keyword called street, which is a trend in recent years has appeared clearly on this LA trip. Back to the Apartment of Marina del Rey and I had a perfect idea while imagining the outline while adding Babon, which came again recently.

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