Los Angeles 2019 ~ Part 1

I went to Los Angeles (hereinafter: LA). This time of the end of summer since five years ago, Rutin has spent LA, but this time there is also a special business. Staying is a self-catering life in Marina del Rey Apartment (but this time, the schedule was clogged and it was almost outside).

I also wrote this blog several times, but for me LA is a holy place.

When I was in junior high school, Hard Rock Heavy Metal Movement happened at LA. The MOTLE CRUE, RATT, GUNS'N ROSES was cool, and I had a considerable influence on their music and fashion. When I was at LA for the first time five years ago, I was piled up with "Wiskey A Go Go" and "Roxy" of the live house, which was the center of the movie, and is a longing restaurant & grille "Rainbow" that appears in various PVs. I ate and got drunk.

Even if it is, why is Hard with LA in the LADid Rock / Heavy Metal Movement happened? I came to work at LA, but I came to see LA and I wanted to solve mystery. There is no factor that the club scene has increased in the 80's. Why are you so many times to come to LA? There is no solution. Well, can I find the answer this time?

By the way, I borrowed a car from LAX Airport to Hertz Car Rental. Unlike European cities, American cities are the distance between the city and the size of the road, and the rental car is different. Even now, I have borrowed various car rental, but this also chosen this time Hertz that does not take time for the procedure. Besides, I have made a reservation procedure at the web, and I was in a car with the uncle at the reception and the car with a light joke.

Counter uncle, upgrade and ride the BMW SUV? It has recommended, but it refused to make a reserved ford compact SUV. What is Compact SUV SUV, Ford is a size of Bali Bali's American, and in Japan, it is a size to enter the large car's category. Even if you enter a residential area, the road is large enough and you don't feel stress anymore. So there is no need to borrow a small car. More small vehicles are high for the amount of distribution because the amount of distribution is in the first place.. So I try to borrow this size every time.

With regard to the right passing opposite to Japan, I first taste a sense of discomfort at first, but I get used to it as soon as I bend the difference between 2 and 3 times. So, if you drive a car several days, you will forget yourself. Adoption is early because La likes and can not be helped.

After arriving at the apartment and organizing luggage into a closet or cabinet, go out for a few days of ingredients for a few days of food 'RALPHS'. This is also a routine work that first arrives at LA every time. "Ralphs" vegetables, fruits, bread, cheese, juice, wine, meat, sausage, frozen food and seasoning, so all things are the USA, so buy out the first side of the body by purchasing the itinerary Pain. Buy various things and take a light cooking and enjoy dinner.

Every time the first day is like this.

It will be about 2 ~

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