[Super light katsuyukikodama]?

The ultra-light weight series "Creation Journey" which defines one line from the conventional KATSUYUKODAMA.

In the event of a preceding release, it is successfully sold out during the session! CREATION JOURNEY series that became the attention of many customers not only for additional production and fans.

Today I will introduce the items that I want to do with the rainy season with a vacation season.

A completely new katsuyukikodama.

Old-lather backpack, Pack-1 was released and dramatic change happened in the street scene. The Luxury's era, which is the main axis of black in Tight & Mode, came out of the mainstream and the street style blows a new breath in the fashion industry. Deep and hut and grunny atmosphere long hairs are a shallow covered cap with unique twisted perm and 2 block haired shortly. Body-Conscious Tight Item Group increased to the XXXL size by the appearance of VETEMENTS, and Big Silhouette spread around the world. Maison branded Boots fit from the Maison brand boots to the volummy Dadt sneaker. How about daily necessities? The device to listen to music such as MD player is a minor item and can not carry cash, and it appeared up to the cacheless school, and if there is a smartphone, the age of everything is earlier. This causes the surroundings to be extremely small and the trend of the bag rushes into the era of compactness. This series of flow is CREATION JORNEY that has been branded, functionality, and pricing three balance degradation, and rebuilding, as a response to the fashion industry paradigm shift.


This series with high-density nylon, which is excellent in water and water repellency, which is excellent in water repellency, which is excellent in water repellency, which has been a major leather, is a super-relaxed item group, which is a major bearing, and it seems to want to bring it out on a journey. It is a concept item.

The impressive print is a typewriter-like character, "2019-20," "with your creation journey" = "with your creation journey" is printed and accented with the concept of the series concept. The fastener brought a No. 10 coil fastener and the brand is kept, while the parts were unified with plastic parts and thoroughly ill. The core material is as much as possible and the light is more light. Since trial and error is repeated and we adopted an exquisite pattern work that has been reached, it has also been a point that can be reduced to the size that can be stored on the included tulle pouch.

The brand that lists the street, mode, and luxury is weak to scenes such as resort and vacation. It is natural because it is not designed to be able to bring the sea, mountains and adults to adventures that are also exciting. But the fashion industry paradigm shift is not only the direction of the direction in the item. What is your current user, that's "experience".

Simply put, it's a long-grade bag, and it's a time to buy for a trip and buy non-daily life. So we made an item that we wanted to bring to the trip. Our CREATION JOURNEY has just begun to handle paradigm shifts in a straighter.

Item introduction continues next time.

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