Drawstring bag I want to suggest adults




A drawstrain bag that has attracted Jiwajiwa and popular as an adult bag replacing the clutch bag. Today is a new product that will be loud to be more like Gender-free R.katsuyukikodama.

Due to the evolution of IT, downsizing of the bag is a big move due to the effect of dramatically having a lot of belongings. Sakoshish and Chest Bags have been instructed to a wide generation, but the street color is too strong and there are many adults who are not good at a bit.

That's good news! ! I want to be recommended for adults [Chiry] The glowing, elegant drawstring bag comes up.


The body has chosen a moist-like calf leather that smoke in hand. Nowadays, adult accesses are likely to enjoy the exquisite balance with leather use.


However, it is R. Katsuyukikodama that makes the smell of the street everywhere. It is characterized by fastener designs that Impected from a pocket of military wear. It is a matter that brings a fastener made by Racqueri in such a fine place.

Speaking of static, this drawstring bag also corresponds to the consumer of the season from now on. There is no doubt as a matching bag even in events such as fireworks display and summer festivals. It is recommended for man-like styling and man-like styling. In recent years, Japanese clothing has a studded band and snow. It was not a long time ago, such as a fabric with a gold thread or a span call, but styling is diversifying, so please feel free to contact.



There is a partition, and smartphones, wallets, and luxury goods such as taste products can be transported compactly.


Color variation

A fresh color development that has never been done has also attracted attention.


Read color of color color


Medium-neutral impression gray.

From R. Katsuyukikodama, it was an introduction from the leather drawstring.

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