Backpack that I want all but clogged

If you notice it July 2019 .... It's already half of the rainy season. Well, today is the introduction of new products from Katsuyukikodama.

It was also a real store since I introduced it, and there were many echo on the official site[Anchor] Nylon model in seriesWas appeared!


[What is Anchor]

Sales of sales field voices were aggregated, and the bag creation, sample creation, and correction were repeated several times. Not a trad, no outdoors. Natural, neither Military. Through the Filter of [High-end Street Casual] listed by KATSUYUKIKODAMA, the series with the existing Density Mania series.


The body selects a high density full-darnylon with water repellent effect. It is also a water repellent effect that it is also difficult to get dirty. If it is slightly dirty, it's nice to be OK with Easy Care that only wipes without staining on the fabric. Of course the shoulder is a removable one-shoulder and can be used as a sling bag.


A4 Main Compartment where the size can be stored in just. It is easy to open and close with the globally with the use of "through the passing gear". It is a fine point that tends to be overlooked but it is very important to take out in the backpack. I have a depth but the entrance to put my hand is narrow and more stress.

The decorated partition is a finish with a luxury of black × black print with cushioned PVC material. Because the PC sleeve is separately attached, it is perfect for putting tablets and valuables.


The back PC sleeve can store up to 11 inches. Since it is a cushion, you can carry an important PC safely. This brand is scattered everywhere, such as leather handles and original metal buttons.


Since it is independent when you put a bag, it is hit. It is designed to be a one-accent that is reinforced with leather so as not to catch the bottom. This was also designed to be able to use the business scene at the hidden party point. It is useful when you get in trouble at the time of meeting or business talk, and you will not be smart.

I packed the function I wanted now【Anchor】Please pay attention.

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