Waterproof backpack


A rainy season that always comes before the summer of the light is coming.

It feels like it is falling in raining every day as well as one day. Well, today I will introduce the recommended item in the middle of the rainy season.



Katsuyukikodama Fan's all of you knowPack-4. But something different? ? Yes, it was updated to a simpler and sophisticated design from this model. The front pocket switching has disappeared, and hidden the fastener was stylish than suppressed casual feeling.

SoPack-4. Updated not only design but also dough also updated! !


A nylon fabric was selected with a 3-layer structure with a high density (no glossy mat thread). The fabric has a water repellent effect and is excellent in moisture permeability. I wrote in the previous blog, but it is comfortable to keep in the bag by making it easy for moisture permeability. If the package is sealed with a fully waterproof specification, the luggage is steamed, so it is easy to handle such a waterproof specification, except that it is used in full-fledged mountain climbing, etc.


A high density woven fabric is firmly water repellent. As a result, you can protect the backpack and the pitch pattern with an umbrella on a sudden rain or heavy rain day. Matt nylon is a urban impression from smooth and smooth image and an urban impression.

Lightweight Pack-4 with large capacity


Nylon × PVC body is a waterproof specification, as well as very lightweight. The front pocket drawn is shaped and scaged and casually accented. Now it is also a point that adjusts the core material to the back only and achieves a further lighter weight and a soft back right.

Choose 3 design


Compact Square silhouette featuresPACK-5↑↑


Currently design is easy to use DailyPACK-6↑↑

II generationPACK-5WhenPACK-6It is also a lineup, so you can choose according to the application and styling.

Waterproof & lightweight, let's go over the depression of the rainy season! !

It was an introduction of the Density Mania Water Proof series.

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