Let's make the first parenthesible eco-back

The more "LESS IS MORE", the rich.

The idea that Messe Marise, Germany, which is representing the 20th century modernism architecture, has advocated by Meise Vandel Roe. This idea is now spreading as a common conscious awareness of the whole world. Global warming and plastic issues that flow in the sea are seriously advanced, and now we have to face the problem on a global scale.

Such a vinyl bag paying is already introduced in developed countries, and it is finally planned to introduce from this year. Vinyl bags are certainly convenient. However, it is not enough to be convenient. . . If you think about it, we are making a bag, and you should carry it from a plastic bag to be able to use the pills every time, and you should use it even if you want to use it! !


In this wayEco BagPlanning has decided to advance at a sudden pitch.Eco BagDon't be done! We burned the mono-built spirits cultivated for many years, and stuffed a aesthetics and technology.KKR-100_BLK_3


First of all, the front of the front is printed. It is a logo monogram of R.KATSUYUKIKODAMA. I can not tell you in the photo, but I chose special ink like a half of the rubber and put the contrast with the mat of the fabric and made it an accent.KKR-100_BLK_2

The back is a simple design and simple design. The fabric selects high density nylon weaves with three layers of full dal thread. Because it is a material material that is excellent in light weight and water repellency, it can be carried by small fold.


It is also a point that the handle is set to be longer than usual to put out a luggage while putting on the shoulder or put a large luggage. Black is the middle side and the other color is gray. A sense of exquisite size aimed at not too large and not too small! ! Shopping at supermarkets and convenience stores also opens greatly, and it is easy to take out without too deep. Actual activities are also active at outdoors and resorts.

Rich color variation


Actually, Khaki with the most popular color of this season.


Edge worked red. A wide range of casual to mode.


The navy characterized by a large push of large push in casual.

Screenshot 2019-06-18 18.08.27

Certainly, one long time ago, the housewife was overwhelmingly carried around the so-called eco bag, and in that sense it was not a fashion item. But now, men's men are self-catering and shopping at the supermarket.Designer's blog blogBut it was introduced, it is a smart and hyperfashionable if it is packed with a charm that will be released from now on. This coolEco BagProposal of it has never been?

Eco BagIs not a doubt that it will be recovered from now on in Japan, so it will be a pioneer from now. That is also coolEco BagWell.

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