New era backpack #AIR

The election also rushes from Heisei to the usual blow and a new wind blows in the fashion industry today. Today is the column of the designerCorrespondence to paradigm shift」「Fashion industry where tide eyes changeIt was introduced in the article of "DENSITY MANIA / AIRLet's focus.


The appearance that makes you feel "beauty" that Katsuyukikodama is at the moment you look at it first. Universal designs that can be used sensuously as explanation close to the iPhone are adopted. It is a texture that seems to be able to touch the silhouette with a three-dimensional feeling from the curve that is sloppy as it is square type.

Then Katsuyukikodama Backpack with the lightest all-leather historyDENSITY MANIA / AIRI will come to me! !

Introduction of postmycin


Super Lightweight Body I got by incorporating processes using postmycin. It was realized by making use of the original Harikoshi in the original lifting and core material. Until now, using a four six silicine, the bag was turned over, and it was sewn, and it has created a volume and intensity with sewing and items, but this work was relocated by the manufacturing method. It is a post-shaping that has changed and introduced. It is characterized by three-dimensional construction sewing and sterilistic construction, and it becomes a specialized representation, but there is no "escape", so a few millimeter deviations take high technology. By introducing this postmycin, it has become possible to make "overturned" work "turning back" and it is possible to finish it very beautiful without wrinkles.

About introduction of this postmycinDesigner's blog blogBut please check it because it is written.

Seamless nylon starting


He also changes the shoulder part to Seamless Nylon, also role for weight reduction. If you explain the seamless nylon introduced here for the first time, it will point to a fabric that is cylindrical with nylon without seamlessness as a character. For example, when the luggage is heavy or running, the shoulder takes a great deal of load, but the stitching goes out and the fabric's gorotsuki is eliminated and a very comfortable fitting promises. And it is easy to get hurt when you get over it. The seams of the shoulder are punk and the core material is exposed and it becomes useless. What is seamless nylon. Sewing is not biased or stressed, so it also has toughness that can be longer connected. It is also a point that I dare to use nylon by using nylon to a solid facial leather body.

Thoroughly sensitive size and specifications


While it is died of how much it sews, it is impressed by the sense of weight and the size of the size and falling. Many dummy samples were created and corrected several times. Normally, it is essential that you could homade daily items such as plastic bottles and lunch boxes, folding umbrellas and writing instruments as it was assumed that they could use even in business as well as businesses. In addition, the A4 document is inserted and a PC or tablet is also included. It aimed at an exquisite size that is neither more than that. A thin 8.5 cm thin machi is able to open a fastener with a galuit specification, and can open it without being able to open it. In this way, extra spaces are thoroughly eliminated and boasts astonishing lightnessDENSITY MANIA / AIRCompleted.

Katsuyukikodama 18th. A high-end model that uses exotic leather without a lined lineup.


This is the power strength of the powerful powerful python to the front deskHigh-end model. A diamond python is attractive to increase glossyness everywhere.


A gem using the sea jewelry and famous sting laser. Using a sting trail that can only be taken only one from oneExclusive model. A luxurious finish with a polite polished and high-quality shine is only unique to the presence.

I will feel the rush to the new ageDesity Mania / AIRPlease experience it.

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