Correspondence to paradigm shift-final round


By the time, I explained the new AW 2019 new work for several times. This time last time.

The new work was reused the material used in Katsuyukikodama's creations in addition to the "Density Mania #air" and the bag trend paradigm shift in the universal design explained last time and the universal design. It is formed by "destination" or the like.

The "Destination" explained this time is a new work of a gender-free new brand "R.KATSUYUKIKODAMA" debuted to SS2019. So far, it is expanded with 2D and 3D charms that can be stored in 3D charm and the first eco-bag that can be stored in 3D charm and the brand that can be stored in 3D charms, who reused "drops" of cutting residences such as crocodile, diamond python, stingray, cowerzer, etc. used by KatsuyukikoDama It is a series.

Diamond Python, Stingray, Cowletter, etc. Called "Drop" in the industry to belong to our. Katsuyukikodama has adopted high-end material in a brand launch, so there are a lot of boxes of their "drop" in their own factory. So I'm thinking of making items using them somed again because it is the balance of the cutting, but the shape, size, thickness is also a difficult task to use it with a bag to reuse them in breakdown. So the project did not progress because of the "drop" so far, but the storage of "drop" continues to increase each year, and the place where you put them is also not stupid.

Under such circumstances, "R.KATSUYUKOKODAMA" was debut in the 2019 spring and summer season."R." has the meaning of "re-nude". The items of Katsuyukikodama for a new generation that can not feel gender will be released one after another.

"Re-Nude (Reborn)".

Something is "Destination of the Imagination" was "Destination" of the concept, "A Destination of the Imagination" was smoothly smoothly got in the mysterious phrase and brand concept. Imagination born from the material itself and material will also be new and become a new item. Born and changed. This new work was born this way with the concept fully matched.

There is also an eco bag for the "Destination" cloth. During the recent time consecutive convenience stores and supermarkets come out of the free distribution of the shopping vinyl bag, Eco Bag will be an essential item more than ever. This time, the brand name alphabet monogram is printed on the eco bag. It is folded and stored in 3D charm and carrying it with a bag of Katsuyukikodama. And if you're shopping at a convenience store or supermarket, I will put out what I bought from that charm and I bought it out of the eco bag of R.katsuyukikodama. Since a large swinging eco bag is also longer than normal, it will be put on shoulder without stress! Shopping itself is a great smart and cool!

Oh! This is not the shopping style itself is RE-NUDE! ?

This eco-bag in smash hit will be officially released from July! This eco bag in smash hit is a smash hit in the POP UP tour in Spring. By all means! ! !

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