A long-established figure that does not break the attack posture


In Japan, Japan has its own culture, such as senior employment, lifetime employment and retirement system. Many Japanese have noticed that this is a Japanese-unique culture. Even if the Internet, SNS recovery has been advanced, Consava JAPAN is healthy. If it aims to develop as a Japanese-owned culture that remains in Japan, it will also be ants, but what we have? The fashion industry. I would like to cherish global senses. It is essential to somehow.

It seems that it seems to be a very poisonous tongue today, but because it does a personalized bag brand like katsuyukikodama as a domestic brand, it is a lodging like this or an anti-bonity spirit. It can be represented by creation and can be expressed even with sales. So we always seek a space that can express this hot feelings.

Under such a 2018SS Paris Exhibition Katsuyukikodama met "Nikuryu's Long-established Kawano". It was a high-quality brand that handled a domestic high quality brand, but it was a strong select shop, but in recent years, it is said that the bike of overseas street and luxury is also resumed! When I got back to Japan, I was able to carry my foot from the top of the edges, and from the strong item of the edge colored, the shop that was carefully edited to the dressy item was spread.

From there, we are a spirit! I was able to hold a popup store several times and went to the scale of the fingerwork. So the story of the prey items jumped out from Mr. Uno, a Kawano buyer. The plans unique to KAWANO, who show the street Luxury's strait Luxury, who will show a long-established attack posture, and finally completed trial and error.


The liver of this exclusive model is the Italian flyer "Ramporni" studs. Pyramid studs of strong impact combining black, silver and gold are aligned. Punched items such as Sakoshish and Clutch are items that can be punched by punching and can be worn in accessories.


The 2 WAY type that can be used as a shoulder & clutch has a conical spike test on the front, and the pyramid studs were placed on the strap to have a sense of unity. The fabric is also a point that uses a leather that is not used in the same model inline. A gem with a matte lather and glossy studs contrast! !

A gem that is only KAWANO. Please see at the store! !


Kawano shinjuku

160-0022 Tokyo Shinjuku Shinjuku 3-chome 26-18


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