Correspondence to paradigm shift-3rd

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By the time, I explained the new AW 2019 new work for several times.

The new work is "Destination" that has been reused the material used in the creation of the bag trend, "Creation Journey" corresponding to the paradigm shift of the bag trend, in addition to the Post-Squee-tailored "Density Mania #air" in the universal design explained last time. It is formed by "or the like.

"CREATION JOURNEY" is a super-relaxed bag group that defines one of the Katsuyukikodama items so far. The bag is also printed for the bag "2019-20," "" "" "The bag of" your creation journey "is a concept of this series.

Nylon Flu Dal 3-layer coat is main material, use nylon tape and plastic parts, and it is more ultra-lightweight because it is not lined up. It is an item that you want to wear at all at all at all at the travel destination. The pouch of the tulle to store the bag is also set, and this pouch can be used as a clutch twice! Micro shoulder and mini-drum Boston, the third type of Day pack, but the types will increase one after another. This is also a fact that it will be a central series of KatsuyukikoDama.

Micro shoulder and mini-drum Boston caught up with the paradigm shift of the bag trend. As with the sneaker boom in the shoes industry in the shoes industry, the bag and wallet also have a waves for downsizing and lighter weighting even though the bags and wallets were also miniaturized at once, as in the seat winding of relaxation materials in the apparel industry.

Even in my own and my surroundings, the spread of electronic money and QR code settlement has recently become a lot of people who do not have cash, and there is a lot of opportunities with round wallets and all-in-one multi-cases. It has come. Credit cards, transportation cards, point cards, etc. have become smartphone apps, and they are not necessary to put them in the wallet, and probably near future, a license, insurance card, and identification card such as a minn bar card Other than that, isn't Plastic card erasing from the world? What a reality has come.

If no cards are not necessary, the wallet itself will be reduced naturally because the wallet itself will be better with the minimum functionality. The miniaturization of the wallet is also connected to the miniaturization of the bag, and when so, it also wants a gimmick of weight reduction. The series corresponding to this series of paradigm shifts now is the new work "Creation Journey".

Since Katsuyukikodama's Debut, the lowest and lightest newest "Creation Journey" is a leading release in Isetan Mens in July! Please stay tuned!

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