Men's Mote Mini Tote? Abstraction / Tote-SS


Mini-terts that have been established as a genre that the world's Maison brands such as Fendi, Christian Loubutan and Saint Lauran began to be styling.

Even Katsuyukikodama, Men's Mini Tut Look has been proposed for many years in the series of Abstraction, and the bag itself has been further reduced by 0.5Abstraction / Tote-SSIs popular in shops in the country.

1205 SSC3

While the brand top minimum TOTE is a thorough form "beauty" that can felt Katsuyukikodama ISM. A tape with a sense of Street and the Front Pocket Riri DECOR Fastener, the handle, and the bottom leather use, and the lower body was stuffed with a small body.

This is a cheap of "small" with "small" with Miso, but it is not a wake that it should just make a small bag. For example, a watch. Inexpensive watches can not be obtained with a size of unexpectedly in the size of the wall clock, but it will not be so if it becomes Rolex. It may seem to be an extremely extreme example, but it is the polarity.

The smaller the bag and the specifications of the bag become smaller, the more you become Sibia and disappear. Dimensions Crazy sewing sewing machine controls and accurate cutting are required. A small defense deviation affects the finish.

1205 SSSTI2

A material that focused on the SS size that can be built into the SS size that can be built with KATSUYUKIKODAMA with high sewing technology is the material. Be standardAll caulea modelOf an urban & sporty impression focusing onNylon modelAnd majestic all python model.Sea gem "Stingray"Deployed with luxury lineup that has been available. Items used to luxury with the luxurious high-end material of the brand and sions are different when they are lined up at the store.

When I want to go out with the heat of Midsummer, it is a little while using the lunch-to-tote. It is an all-round that corresponds to the style that has been cut off, such as surprising or surprising jackets. As SOULD OUT as a long time, it was waiting for a long arrival for a long time, but if it is a long-awaited restock, please check it.

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