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Spring2018 Density Mania Hybrid Series, which has gradually gained popularity than announcements at Paris Fashion Week. Added new color khaki from this 19SS and renewed and restocked! !

The Golden Week, which has become a very large holiday the other day, is also a new color kerque and a good item, such as a new color khaki and navy, and the color and shape that will be sold out at the first day to the second day in the pop-up store. The flow of Hybrid does not stop! !

In this article, it will be a popular tip of the Density Mania Hybrid series, which is becoming a pronoun of Katsuyukikodama now.

What is the Hybrid series?

A lightweight backpack consisting of four materials and colors is an item that the combination of neoplane mattress and neon color vivid feels high-end casual street.

Otherwise Katsuyukikodama original fabric to support hits

Above all, neo-plain fabric is creating original. From the color of the fabric, the thickness of the fabric, the degree of impact and the like are prepared. I got an exquisite drape feeling, a lightweight feeling, and a matte texture at the end of this sativa.

If you are in-situ or sales on the site of sales, "What kind of touch is it?" The HBD series will be trying to touch the HBD series and touching the neoplane part. .

Furthermore, it has been slightly reduced by the case where you will feel that it feels recently. This is a proof that the Maison brand has passed down to the street after the street and the user has penetrated the street and mode style. If you say in the hybrid series of this term, color mix items such as khaki and navy are particularly strong.


It is pleased to feel such a changing change when a brand like a unique and unique thing is cut into a Japanese consolidated market. On the other hand, what is the following ideas? Days to continue seeking. CREATION JOUNEY of KATSUYUKIKODAMA continues until now.

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