A new brand to take off the veil [R.KATSUYUKIKODAMA]


It seems that there were many people who noticed that the 2019SS products were also familiar with select shops, department stores, Katsuyukikodama EC sites, and they were noticed.

【R.KATSUYUKOKODAMA】 Aldot cutlet Yuki Kodama

[R.] A new brand with meaning of re-nude.

I will answer Zubari because there were many inquiries today.


It is a Katsuyukikodama brand that has developed gender-free items than before, but it is a new brand that debuted from this term as a brand that is aware of gender-free, while inheriting its aesthetics. It is characterized by "Lightness", "Material Material", "Catcher", etc. It is a feature that has been re-nuded with a cutlet that was not so far.


For example, if you try to make a mini-tote that attracts attention in recent years, the Katsuyukikodama brand will be a strong sense of three-dimensional sense and expressing with a straight line, and the approach of the R.katsuyukikodama is a soft curved beauty. To go. If you say, the same KATSUYUKIKODAMA also feels like "soft and tough" or "static and moving". The point is that the vector is a different angle and an impact approach as creation in the same direction as it bears the name of katsuyukikodama.

From here, use the actual item to approach R.Katsuyukikodama!


BalloonItems named and are all leather and are very lightweight. Points of interest also attracts color development such as gray and luster red, such as gray and luster red.


Leather drawstring using an alternating material. While being said to have a clutch bag who had a clutch bag, it is released immediately from R.Katsuyukikodama, while it is said to be separated by mini-tert and leather purse. A universal item that can be elegant to the sum of the summer fireworks display from the adult Relax Corde who has been hated by cut and sneakers.


AIR BALLOON A series mini-tote named Air Balloon is impressive pockets reminiscent of twill fabrics and military wear. Prints have been accented to a longer tape.


Background also works with orange and blue, and it feels a fusion of high-quality casual and street sensations that has never been.

The appearance of R.katsuyukikoDama will now add more variations to the items. It is planned to appear one after another, so we plan to appear one after another, so enjoy more expansion! !

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