Responding to paradigm shifts-the second

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By the time, I explained the new AW 2019 new work for several times.

The new work is "DESTINATION" that has been reused for "CREATION JOURNEY", which supports the Post-Seit Tailoring "Density Mania #air", the Bag Trend Paradigm Shift in the universal design described above last time, and the material used in Katsuyukikodama's creation It is composed of "".

First of all, the representative work "Density Mania #air" of the AW 2019 season. Shara and I was headed to a wooden restaurant in Arakawa Ward, who was introduced to the president of factory companions, a trial and error, which is a trial and error of tailoring by post-themicin.

There was a wooden restaurant along the highway in Arakawa Ward. But we first passed by Google Maps to the location pointed to that place. The house of the house is a pretty old building, where there is no imagination that a wood-shaped wood type is made there. Moreover, there is no signboard without a signboard and it is not impossible to pass. If you put a call from the end that you passed, the old building is a wooden restaurant. Hey, I'm getting strange tension mode ...

We returned to the old building and opened the sliding door of the old wood frame glass. Most of them went through and there was a small workplace in the back. In the part of the earth, a mochi, a dawn, a bowl, a baldness, a taiko, a beat tree used for fire was narrowed from the ceiling and placed directly from the ceiling. Mr. Yokoro of the skilled worker came from the work area of ​​the back. Since the mortar, dawns and rawness were lined up, it did not bind to the know-how to make a wood type for tailoring the trend bag.

Sasaors first talked about the trial and striking story of post-milling tailoring and hard works to talk about the treatment method. Then, the skilled horizontal groove is a tree type tree type, thickness, thickness, thickness of the bag, how to make bag tailoring, how to make mold paper, and pasted from the experience value so far. We taught me one by one and how to sew. When I listened to the story of Mr. Yokomoto, the history of post-sewing tailoring in Tokyo was longer than we imagined, and many bag craftsmans were sewing a bag using post-sewing from the early days of handbag manufacturing. Perhaps a bag and craftsman who tailored with postmycin with postmycin rapidly after the 2000s when the birth efficiency was impressed by the age of mass production and mass consumption, and since the 2000s, which was rising. I guessed us.

Furthermore, as a result of trial and error, as a result of trial and error when the craftsman of the bag in the early days of production manufacturing is a handbag made by Italian, it is necessary to arrive as a result of trial and error. I would ask for a wooden form to manufacture a beat tree used for my heart. Mr. Yokomoto is a totally different way to make a wood-like misplaced tree type and thinking about how to make a handbag postmycin tailoring? That's why we thought that Mr. Yokomoto was thought to be a wooden restaurant, but it was exactly a woodworker product shop!

I saw a woodworked product that was suspended from the ceiling and putting it directly on the ground while listening to Hokuro-san and Sako saying. None of the handmade woodworking products are taken and shaved, rounded out, and all of them are beautifully processed, and it is just finished in the art of craftsmanship. Moreover, since it is not sunburned, it was not sunburned, it was not slept in stock, so it was noted that the goodness of the product is good. Traditional crafts and skilled rivers are still the moment I was able to feel that I was continuing to flow with the rules.

It is after one week after Mr. Hokuro-san was finished. Thanks to Mr. Horizo's advice, from that until it's not a sudden pitch, our postmacy machine tailoring work was quite speeded up and the sample was completed. When the final form was completed, Sako and I was overwhelmed by the beauty of "Density Mania #air" and its appearance and no voice.

"Density Mania #air" which is the leading role of the next season of Katsuyukikodama, the future form of the fusion of woodworking product technology from the early days of handbag manufacturing. Please acquire this universal design by all means.

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