How to open the Onimon Osaka ~ heavy iron door? ~ 2/2


I have been challenging many times in Osaka market for 20 years so far. But there was a demon gate with heavy iron door that can not be easily moved there, and I could not easily open the door. In the brand that worked before, even if you send a staff from Tokyo, the door will not open at all. Even if you entered KATSUYUKIKODAMA and entered Osaka, even though you got in with the sales team, which combines Gatchi and tag in Tokyo, the iron door is heavy and not easily moving. I've been to the strategy kneading meeting from around the end of last year, but after all, the sales team was supposed to shake 袂 in Osaka.

At the time of a short-term battle like a pop-up shop in Osaka, it is possible to leave satisfactory results even if you enter Osaka with our staff and the sales team in Tokyo. But if you have a sales floor in Osaka, Tokyo Monzo is going to work and successful, the better the market in Osaka is sweet. Yes, there is a horrible demon gate in front of us. So we started looking for sales teams working in the local Osaka since the spring of the spring this year.

Luckily, the first sales team introduced to the people was Mr. Aoki of the president of "SEEK", who took the tag together in Osaka. Hankyu Mens Osaka I met for the first time in the cafe in the cafe, we are a hospitroe (← ← ← I think so selfish), here, here, our brand, the results of our brand, the results of Osaka, horrible heavy Mr. Aoki, who has the door of Osaka, Mr. Aoki, talked about the selling team "Seek" and the brand that has been involved so far, and once each other once I decided to bring it home. After 3 weeks, we will continue to seek a formal contract again with the Katsuyukikodama showroom in Tokyo, and it was decided that sales in Osaka will be responsible for Seals in Osaka from April. The "Seek" team is a sales team based in Osaka for me, but I felt that I was able to open the iron door of the demon gate that I had hit.

A pop-up at Hankyu Men's Osaka 1F is held in the late April, the early April, and the early April. After that, the pop-up is started at Shinsaibashi Daimaru 1F from May 8th. For the "Seek" team, it is continuous of the large stage suddenly, but "Sakai Local!" Isn't it in touch with customers in a wonderful style that comes out without thinking about it! !

After all, the presentation of Katsuyukikodama's trend was correct at the market in Osaka. Customers who receive our proposals and the new customers' minds are youthful and girly. This person is here to tell the customer from various angles to customers. Brand Concepts and Season Themes. It is me, it was KK sales juvenile and Takuya, and everyone of the "Seek" team I met in this spring and everyone in the staff. The point is that there is a person. The person involved creates a thing. It was re-learned at this Hankyu Men's Osaka and Shinsaibashi Daimaru's pop-up event.

Everyone of the "Seek" team, thank you in advance! Let's open the iron door of Osaka Onimono and go to see the scenery that would be wonderful ahead!

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