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Last week I was really exciting to talk to many customers. In particular, the degree of expectation for new customers was not half end and felt intensely. In terms of changes in trend tide, the brand side and the customer side are not easily able to respond easily, and it feels that excessive expectations for the blindness still continuing for a few months. In other words, I want to see the next trend quickly · I want to touch · I want · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·

Under such circumstances, Katsuyukikodama also announced a lot of new work. The following trend winds are comfortable to felt comfortable items in the literary customers and you can satisfy them? Those new items have already been pre-released at some stores, but if it is early, it will be normal released from the end of June, so please expect customers.

Well, I will explain the new work of AW2019 for several times from this time.

The new work consists of "DESTINATION" that reused the material used in the "DENSITY MANIA #AIR", the post-thement-tailored "DENSITY MANIA #AIR" and the paradigm shift of the bag trend in the universal design, and the material used in KATSUYUKOKODAMA's creation. There is.

"DENSITY MANIA #air" announced at AW2019 1st exhibition, already released in Hankyu Men's Osaka and Shinsaibashi's pop-up event, and a new series that has become a smash hit that shines to the top number of hours to sell. In Japan, the bag of a general sewing method is sewed and sewed in a state of being turned over and it is not a way to be turned over, but conversely, the bag is sewed from the table and is made by the post-shaped tailor to be molded "DENSITY Mania #air "does not return to the surface of the leather but there is no wrinkle on the surface of the leather, and is a universal design series that is characterized by inorganic and unevenness like digital devices.

The interior is a specification that is only a pig leather with a table leather, and so it is lightweight that he was surprised that it is a leather item because it does not use any core material or other materials to keep the shape. That's why a three-dimensional form while drawing a beautiful curve is created, and it is the quality that is as different as an integral mold.

When creating this new series, Sago and I continued to produce prototypes for several times until I convinced every time, but continuous trial and error. In the first place, it is good to fully enter the post-themicin sewing, but how to make it from the mold paper We should make it all ignorance. It will still be manageable, but I will try to break through the front with the theory on the desk, but it is not good at all. Good things or stereo and sewing will also be dirty. This is still a post-machin tailorThere was also something that I have to give up.

Under such circumstances, we talked to consult a consultation, as we talked that the acquaintance factory happened happened to buy postmycin. It seems that the president of the factory has also been hesitated that the post-theme tailoring has ever entered, but it seems that this year is expected to have made a postmixin at the factory this year. Unlike normal mixing, sewing by postmycin is not used to Japanese people and does not go out as a factory because they are not familiar with. So everyone does not work for postmycin. But we have announced "Density Mania #air" at the February 1st exhibition in February and wanted to make the promotion tour of the promotion tour at the beginning of spring, and you must think about how to put it on a profitable basis.

At such time, it was a long-established wooden shop in Arakawa Ward, which was introduced from the president. Hmm? I have heard a wood type to sew a postmycin, but where is the factory making a wood type? What factory is making wooden form? Under what I did not understand, we headed for a wooden restaurant in Arakawa Ward, which was introduced immediately.

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