How to open the Onimon Osaka ~ heavy iron door? ~ 1/2


After all, the eye was black. The color is a loud or young and guilla. The point is that there is a person. The person involved creates a thing. It was re-recognized it at the pop-up event of this Hankyu Men's Osaka.

The biggest Yamasu of the 2019 spring promotion tour of Katsuyukikodama is Hankyu Men's Osaka 1F to 4/24 (Wed) to 30 (Tuesday) and Shinsaibashi Daimaru to 5/8 (Wed) to 5/14 (Tue) It is a pop-up event in 1F. Both events are also work events, limited items and preceding sales items will be welcome. We have a considerable spirit and both events are positioned as the most important event of the super close match with customers. Since it is an event in the same Osaka area across a large GW, the deployment menu is different for each event, and even if it comes to either event, Katsuyukikodama's fresh items are filled up.

Event at Hankyu Mens Osaka 1F to 4/30 (Tuesday),Last blogBut I wrote, but the customers who had spent the times so far, and many new customers came to the store, and there were many encounters and we were really exciting.

We have launched a brand in 2012 and starting domestic development in 2014, and one of the brand construction has been set up. Inspiration is in the store! The brand is grown from the street, and more edges can be launched and proposed. Sometown battle pop-up events are the smell of living trends that can not be tasted by wholesale or his EC, and a look at a new wind.

And, such an important place, this time, we started with new sales teams.

First of all, the sales team's change is not so unusual. As the band releases a record label after a change of the record label, since there is a disadvantage that the sales will be a better hand, the brand side outsources to the brand side to consign sales to a better sales team It is.

Tokyo is actually a long-standing demon, even if I challenge Osaka many times in Osaka. I'm going to break through that demon gate with Tokyo's sales team, but there was a lot of heavy iron door in the gate, and it was more heavier than imagined.

Tokyo's sales team has launched the brand, and in collaboration from the beginning, it is also great due to their power, with their power, and with such them, "Izan Osaka" with them I've been working for two years, but I hit the door of Osaka Onimono and I could not open it easily. This few months, how can I open this iron door with the sales team of Tokyo, and we have repeated negotiations over again while giving up various plans. But unfortunately, Sales in Osaka decided to share 袂.

If you enter the town, you should follow the town, and after all, you should set up a local sales team with a local sales team based in Osaka, as Tokyo brands sing in Osaka as Tokyo.

While delaying,I'm finallyNow,I noticed that, and I started looking for sales teams in Osaka.

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