Fashion industry (4/4) -Change of eyes looking at the Chinese market


Bag fashion industry where the tide is changing.

Is it useless enough to say so much?

Or is this industry no good?

Are you changing?

Are you able to respond to changes?

Don't you have to change it?

In this case, let's talk about the last time that you're talking about three times and talk about it three times, let's talk about the "change of the eye to see the Chinese market".

In Japan, a long-time Western country, Mature, Mature, and so on the day of Japan, fashion has a lot of people as a tool to transform their own with a lot of people, and international Belids such as high brands, designers, brands, character brands are already organized properly. Furthermore, while there is also the rise and sweep of fast fashion in recent years, it is raining, and the place is solid, and it feels like it has reached the area of ​​one rank higher.

Japan and Europe and the European countries have been with the brand and customers for each generation, with fetal movement → birth → growth → crazy, and led to maturation and came to maturation. However, since the mature reached, the state in which the current situation is maintained or slightly shredded with the economic itself that produced the updrawal air flow continues for a long time. Maturation on one rank is that it is still stagnant elongation.

Such in recent years, China, which has jumped from fetal movement and jumping and growing growth, and China has been in a stretch towards the fashion market around the world. With regard to fashion consumption, China's people who have long fetal movement were in the 2010s and then exploded to that time, and they bought fashion items around the world (of course cars, home appliances, medicines, etc. I bought it and bought it, but here I will write about fashion).

My university's graduation trip was China Beijing. March 1993. The road was full of a horrible number of people moving by bicycles. There are a lot of people, and there is no air for the economy still enjoying fashion with poverty. At the time, the Wangfujo, who was said to be Harajuku in China, as a leisure car and the building as a leisure place, and in the food and drink, McDonald's and apparel were really surprised to be Benetton. When I visited Beijing for the first time in 2007, I was urbanized at a stretch, but the Qingdao and Yantai, who was stuck in a sense and traveling at work, is the country itself. The fake market was a number of fetal dynamic times that I did not know what to do.

Perhaps it could not be plainly dusted from such fetal movement, and after that, the fashion industry did not grow so much in the Chinese domestic market. After entering the 2010s, the Chinese wealthy lies jumped out to overseas fashion markets. Initially, the Western and Japanese fashion markets are surprised that the Western and Japanese fashion markets are surprised at the Bought and Buy, and the fashion market in Japan was surprised, and the people of each country are once as they saw so. I was definitely looking at the eyes & white eyes.

However, if Chinese has become richer, it has begun to increase explosively, and not only the wealthy of the city center in Beijing and Shanghai, but also to buy a fashion brand to buy a fashion brand, The brand side and retailer who benefited to buying have become something that there must be inbound sales in no time.

And if such several years have passed, we will invite the Chinese people to your own country = this time from the waiting business style, the brand and retailer came to seek to the Chinese domestic market.

Of course we have already been sold in China in China, but considering the market size of China, the degree of Uubu. The branding in Japan and overseas has succeeded, and there is also a senior brand that has already sold more than three times the sales of sales in Japan, and the branded eye is heading to China There is no doubt.

It seems to be selling. The exhibition is done in Paris and Milan where China's retailer is buying a style, but also the approach to the BTOC market in ECs such as Heaven Cat and Keeuundo is also active, and the Country Boundary EC of the Willo Meeting The scale of the scale has also been expanded, and the brand that does not work seriously for the Chinese market has come to be deceived.

China's wealthy tier came and bought a brand, the brand side eyes = white eyes and the brand side eye where you want to advance to the Chinese market, the black eyes, the same eye, the way to China is true in black and white It is reversed. If you think well, China and Korea are only fake market. Originally I love fashion. A little while ago, it was still fetal, so I just didn't know what to do. Now it is the same as the fish with water. The population has also been combined, and everyone has become a huge monster market to enter.

By the way, the fashion industry says that the industry has not been changed and has not changed and has not changed the industry, and those who stay in the industry. This industry is not so old. If you do not remember the old, it's not going to enter the new market, and every day everyone is aiming for a tiger view.

I tried to look back on the change of the fashion itself and its environment three times this time, but change = wonderful thing? I feel that I can not respond to myself, and I feel that it is not a furiously capable of making a brand.

Beyond that, we have customers around the world waiting for our new and changing creation.


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