New work of the whole body! Anthem All songs Book new record Best album "Nucleus"

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Japan's Heavy Metal Group's Anthem, today, from 4/25 and 1985 debuts since his debut. Just, Leader's Naoto arrives at Frankfurt Airport! It is travel to participate in German's largest metal festival "Keep IT True".

Speaking of Germany, SCORPIONS in the 70's, HelloWeen in the 80's, in 1990, European Metal's home that produced GAMMA RAY. Scorpions is a Legend of the German Metal World, which also manipulates a 27 fret ska guitar that can be delivered by Flying V, a trademark of Trade Mark, a 27 fret Sky guitar.

Anthem finally reached the 35th anniversary of our debut in such a metal, finally.

Anthem is one of my favorite heavy metal bands that I keep listening to the current from the Metal Kids Period of Junior High School. In 1985, major debut, once broken in 1992, reformed in 2001 and still continues to play metal in active duty barbari. In March this year, all songs Best Best Album "Nucleus" will be released simultaneously. Despite the best album, the first appearance of Oricon # 25th place. In May, "NUCLEUS" Tomei Osaka TOUR is planned.

Jojight's Metal Fess "Keep It True" will be ineffecting the future of Anthem's future overseas expansion and finally for me for more than 30 years! Finally! With full! ......., I'm excited that I do not know how to express.

Last month Release Full Seko Best Album "Nucleus" is really great. It's really surprised that it will be so bad that you're going to get out like this, but I'm really surprised, but I think that the skill of Morikawa's Vocal Technique was put out on the front by singing the Book. Morikawa was a polar nude of its own band and has always been a view, and it is a vocalist who reigns at the top of the metal world when you sing the Book.

The same music is great. Instead of reciprocating only vocal take, all take is new record and is kept with high quality quality, and there is no further number of songs of each song. Bouncing and leaning and listening to and thrilling too much! !

Shimizu Akio of the same age of me who was selected by Anthem while in Meiji University is a genius. For the development of early play and lyric guitar solo, it is a continuous breath. The most young drum Taomaru is still growing and suggested from 2014. The groove for each song is firmly expressed and the rhythm is too accurate, and the beat of the drum of Tauma is "beautiful". And the base. A leader's Naoto (currently at the current) that I wanted to do with Anthem will clearly understand if you are listening to Bribri and rang. It was really good to come to this, Mr. Shibata! "I wanted to do this kind of such a thing when I was re-created in 2001," I wanted to do this kind !! ", I'm not a breathless ultra-perfect album, that is this time "Nucleus" of

This time and mastering is a modern metal scene name producer / Engineer's name producer / engineer. The mix of this Jens Boglen was also dropped. Since the sound of one part is completely independent and is cooked carefully and exquisite and bold balanced, the entire album is about to illusion that the whole album is listening to live music next to the band. There is no such a realistic mix and mastering. After all Yens Boglen was also a genius. After listening to the album with a speaker several times, if you listen to the headphones, it will find a lot of new discoveries and it's too funny. It seems that every day is fresh and slightly different, and it seems like a daily set meal. I have listened to nearly 100 times, but I'm not tired at all.

Join the Metal Festival in Germany with the album with such an album! ! Well, I'm going to see it already. Information that the time has one hour in the festival. Full album performance, no doubt.

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