The fashion industry (3/4) -A no big wallet has changed


Bag fashion industry where the tide is changing.

Is it useless enough to say so much?

Or is this industry no good?

Are you changing?

Are you able to respond to changes?

Don't you have to change it?

I'm going to spots on this, and I'm going to talk about it three times, let's talk about "wallet" this time.

If you are lined with a super cash register in Europe and America, you really felt that there are few people who really buy cash. Even if there is a small amount of money, we do not have much familiar with the credit card, and there is not much familiar, and if you don't use cash, it's anxious. That's why Westerners are easily settled with a card with a variety of places. This was just interpreting that it would be a difference between culture.

In Japan, the payment method has become electronic money such as a traffic system, a convenience store system, and a telephone company in these cases, but at this place, the QR and Barcode settlement service has risen rapidly. In China, WECHAT (Microscopic) QR and Bar Code Settlement has penetrated, and from the acquaintance of going to a business trip to China, "Mac, Starbucks, Starbucks, city stores, everywhere, and cash Do not use it. The story of all WECHAT (Micro) was settled and it was really ugly.

That's why "China is a lot of fake pages," I could not think about the reality about electronic money and QR Barcode settlement. But I did not experience the essence of the behavior pattern of people, and I decided to make almost all settlements since the end of the year.

Used is Apple Pay and Sony Bank Wallet. The traffic system is Apple Pay, and daily goods pay at Sony Bank Wallet and used cash when they can not be used.

Whether you choose Apple Pay and Sony Bank Wallet from a certain payment method, the purpose of the talk is omitted here, but the impression you saw using it is really surprised. First of all, I lost cash at all. I put the minimum amount of money in the wallet, but at all the cash does not move. In the first place all payments are Apple Pay or Sony Bank Wallet, it does not use current Dama cash, and so large wallets were no longer needed because cash does not work.

Net Bank also passed cash throughout the internet bank, so it is done on the web because there is a lot of free delivery fee. If you would like to be in the middle of the night, if you're in the middle of the night bank, you will be convenient because you will finish the other party on the spot.

Since almost all payments can be made in Apple Pay and Sony Bank Wallet, it was earnest that it was only cash on the road parked on the workstops and only in a personal management tavern. This is a vague change in me.

Then, if you do not think about the way of the wallet to propose too! ! The creation of creations as a bag and SLG designer went up with Mokumoku towards the heaven.

After all, if you know the flow and behavior content in the world properly and propose a new work, this industry will never change and do not change and can not change it, and you can not change it. I felt it.

Those collections will appear one after another by the next exhibition. Please stay tuned.


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