Fashion industry that has changed tide 1/4

A lot of things that were resting on the blog, various things changed dramatically. Certainly the change of various things is exciting and exciting, but "changing", "changing", "changing," "changing" and "change" are frequently flying with the words that the words are active every day, It is caught without missing or not missing. Thanks to that, it is forced to be forced to change the heart such as metal fatigue that happens from super subtitric continuous vibration, and recently changes = wonderful thing? It also helped to respond to myself.

Certainly, the fashion industry and bag fashion industry in our activities are also noisy around the surroundings. If you think that the purchase at EC from the purchase of the department stores and select shops is full-fledged with EC, EC is the case where the delivery of delivery and discounts is earlier than anywhere in EC, and the marketplace type and Isn't it better to operate in-house than the mold type? A lot of whirlpools have occurred, such as the movement of the original origin regression, and whatever the next wave comes when you get lost.

Even if it is a payment method, it will be a card or electronic money from cash, but in this way, the QR and Barcode settlement service has risen rapidly, and this area is also a fierce battle division. There is always a selection of born and growth, and it is not possible to use GAFA that big swallowing small, so it would be nice if you could see how much it would be usual, but everyone left behind I do not want to use it because I do not want to be

In the case of its own brand operation, while the roots are firmly in the ground in a trees that do not likely, "Shinari" that can not be tied to the fixed concept is large, and the change and evolution of the times If you do not correspond, the customer will soon leave. The brand tradition is a wind that looks like a qualified or uncertain aesthetics. I was born in a serious era. Mother's mother-chan was written "Born the happened" behind the commemorative photos taken with the comedy in Taiwan in the battle. It's a happy time now that it is not comparable, but it's still a big deal with it yet, it has not yet continued to grow in a mature society.

People in the television industry should be a topic recently in a drinker. That is, "The TV is completely lost to the net". The fashion industry is similar, so the topic of exclusively in the bar is "already fashion". While saying that, people who throw away the industry and those who are older and age are often worked in this industry. The television industry and the fashion industry have not changed and have not changed and have not changed.

That's why the bug and fashion industry where the tide is changing. Is it useless enough to say so much? Or is this industry no good? Are you changing? Are you able to respond to changes? Don't you have to change it? I'm going to spot a spot, and I'm going to talk about it three times from the next time.


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