TOKYOHENGE ~ Fusion of miracle of nature and modeling

19Annual fall winter themeTokyohengeBecause (Toukyjenge) has not happened yet, at the moment, it is my hominatorManhattanhengeIt is derived from (Manhattan Henge).

Manhattanhenge (Manhattan Henge)AndNew York CityManhattan wardOf the Big Street ofEast-west directionalongSunIt is said that1A year2Caused phenomenon.

The phenomenon unique to North America, which is a relatively modern and developed North America, unique to North America, not only Manhattan, but also the same phenomenon in Chicago, Canadian Toronto, Montreal, eachChicagohenge (Chicago Henge)TORONTOHENGE(Toronto Henge),MONTREALHENGEIt is called (Montreal Henge).in Japan2017In SapporoSAPPOROHENGE(Sapporo Henge) was confirmed. Sapporo is also a city that has been pioneered in recent years in Japan.

Both are the stage of the city of the city and the sun of the sunset and sunset sunshine and Henge (Henge) is a good job, but it is positive, but it is a bad thing, but the year as in the summer solstice, winter, spring and autumn There is a slight variation every time that phenomenon is2It is likely that it happens to happen, and it is attracted to the mystery.

The theme of the next seasonTokyohenge

As mentioned earlier, this phenomenon has not happened yet in Tokyo, but "natural materials such as cowhide=Nature) + Our creation (=molding) = KatsuyukikodamaThe new work of "miracle fusion" was satisfied with the meaning of "miracle fusion".I'm still envying the envy to a miracle.

Several seasons so far areAND THE BEAUTYAdded, I always launched a heartwarming culture.KatsuyukikoDama"Beauty", which passes to the form and details of the item, has been firmly rooted in the staff involved but also the staff involved in this few years, and the roots of the customer's consciousness.

So from the next season, I have usedAND THE BEAUTYRemove the slogan from the theme and made it clear and catchy titles. The British heavy metal band Judas Priest was "SCREAMING for Vengeance" in 82 years, and it was released in 86 years after making a large work of "DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH" and relatively longer album titles in 84. The new title of the new title was turned, and as the word only "Turbo", the difference in the past, the approximation, and the method showing the leap is first presented at the new theme of Katsuyukikodama.

In the new work, "DENITY MANIA #air" is born. The next season, such as the "A Destination of the Creation" and "Balloon" of R.katsuyukikodama and "Balloon", are also rich in variations. The birth secret story of each item is again on this blog.

Well, tokyohenge =Fusion of nature and shapes of shapes isKatsuyukikoDamaThe feet for the next stage of the stage will be the trigger of the event that will still be seen, and I believe in creative activities today.


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