The fashion industry (2/4) with the tide eyes changed ~ back of the office worker


This place to carry the square backpack with the salaryman really increased. When I was walking on a large terminal station such as Shinjuku and Shinagawa, Tokyo, the style had a briefbag, but now there is no such styling person, and the brief bag is vertically The office city is not filled with a salaryman in a style to bear it as it is! ! !

The important thing is that the salary man is not a fashion work per shibuya, Aoyama, and mid black, but with a backpack without hesitation, despite the new bridge, Ginza, Tokyo, Marunouchiari-ichi-no-king. I'm walking around the business district.

Certainly, a brief bag that will be 3WAY of Brief & Shoulder & Rucks, which was popular with Sazabi, who used toHe was released from many casual brands in revival and sell well. But the brief-type backpack wearing a salaryman is a purely square backpack than 3 ways. We also often see 2 ways of whether they carry or have a handle.

Cool Biz Something is also normal to do not do tie, but it's too casually down to carry the bag too much. ? This is a long-awaited traditional Salaryman's brief bag style, even from us to the side of the side that creates the bag, and this is too much and sharp change. Besides, the landscape of the office city was hardly changed in the roaring style of both hands. From this time, until the teacher of the worker business, "I will try to make it backpack soon ..." The teacher crosses the 60th anniversary of his office in the middle of Shinbashi. Oh, this flow is no longer stopped. Expansion speed to the short root is a super-express but not the latest Shinkansen.

So why didn't the backpack style penetrated rapidly?

The largest and only factor of style changes is the birth of a smartphone, such as an Iphone that has become an infrastructure that is essential to modern people.

Smartphone, including iPhone, is full of telephones, web search, transfer guidance, scheduling management, and maps, such as their own works, indispensable. Furthermore, while moving, music can also be heard, and magazines can be read, and games can be games. Feel free to take photos as not only memorial shooting but also for your label, and regular news is automatically delivered in the morning and daytime and evening, and it can easily know the briefing from the outdoor newspaper. Smartphones, including iPhone, became devices that can not be exposed to everyone in the blink.

Conversely, there are many things that are no longer the birth of the smartphone, including the iPhone. Salryman who has a schedule notebook was quite decreasing. When I am university student, power lunch at the cafe with a system notebook (← dead word)Even though the appearance of the salary man was a longing, if there is such a person, it is the same as 80's and the comedy. No one has a map of the map entering the pocket. There are no people who read the newspaper while politely bending by train, and there are no people reading magazines and weekly cartoon magazines. No one has CD Walkman.

A bag is a backpack that is the most suitable bag to operate such important devices. If it is a backpack style, both hands are free. The smartphone, including the iPhone, is large enough to operate with both hands, so the bag will inevitably be the back of the bag. It can not be helped with briefs and tote to go while watching the map to the first customer, but because it is not necessary to worry about luggage, the bag most suitable for the salary man is really unlike backpack. Moreover, since the backpack will be lighter and miniaturized.

"The fashion is already bad." While saying so, people who throw away the industry and the old age, and the older people who are working in this industry. They are not changing and not changing.

If you know the fashion trend not only from overseas collections but also the flow of the world and propose a new work, this industry never has never changed and has no change and not changing industries, I felt that I saw the back and I felt it.

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