What is the smallest item "Micro KK" in the brand history

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New Year 's issue "Damato" announced and the switching of the times has become closer today. If I remembered, I felt that "Heisei" was a time of miniaturization.

For example, the shoulder phone that was large enough to lower from the shoulder, and the touch screen has changed its name to the mainstream smartphone, and information around the world can be easily known instantly.

And the flow of miniaturization that does not stop yet. Commercials that promote cashing are particularly likely to see this year. The world's Maison brands are also released, or from earphones, cables are lost, and the flow of "miniaturization" and "data conversion" are still accelerated.

Currently, members of the KK team are also equipped with an iPhone Wallet feature to ride trains and Shinkansen, and shopping with a registered card. New KK members are quite moody. Lol

As a brand that develops a bag in such a time, I think that the casual bag to be used everyday will basically make it a smaller item to make it. It is also possible that the canvas that can be simply designed is narrow. How can I create Katsuyukikodama rattles in a narrow canvas? Can I pack a sense of luxury? That is the smallest bag in the brand history "Micro KK"Problem". In this way, the plan of the item began.


The form of "beauty" and the three-dimensional feeling were corrected so as not to lose even if it became smaller. Corrections are always in millimeters only to small items. It is a correction work like a distant time. And more notement should be more unparalleled katsuyukikodama unique to the exotic leather. After a long time, the stinglay silver color is also resurrected and I think it will be transmitted to the planning of the power to plan now.

The smartphone mentioned above is stored in the front pocket for sudden communication and shutter opportunities. Main compartments can store minimal items such as wallets, preferences, and keys.


Material is a high-grade material of KATSUYUKIKODAMAStingrayYaDiamond pythonNeoplates and leather combinations that have been brushed in recent yearsHybrid modelDeveloped in a variety of variations.


Styling points should be short and fit with a short and body. This alone can make a sense of street feeling. It is a good item that seems to be "Oh !! Good !!" at the moment I have without a difficult explanation.


And in fact, this work is now a 3WAY specification. Remove the shoulder strap and go to the belt you have to get to West Pouch. This is a very useful feature with live, festivals, outdoor events, etc. !


In addition, it is attached to the backpack of Katsuyuki Dama. Concatenated through the shoulder can be used as an accessory pocket. Hold the camera and support the full-fledged outdoor wanting to increase the pocket.

Today's killer item "Micro KKIt was an introduction.

Each item introduced is CHECK from the following!!

Micro KK / Stingray Model Micro KK / Pythone Model Micro KK / Cowletter Model Micro KK / Hybrid Model

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