Thoughts built into the new series Anchor


Anchor (Anchor) is the shipter "" to use when you fix the ship on water.

It is a word that is the word "the intelligence of hope" and the last hope that supports the ship from the fact that the boat is flushed with any rough waves or gusts, and the last hope that supports the ship.

ToDayAnchor Back Pack ToteWe will introduce items by combining the creature secret story of our latest backpack.

It is essential to talk about this item, thatBack Pack ToteIs a product born from the customer's voice. Held a pop-up store across Japan and aggregate the voices rising in sales on the site and completedBack Pack ToteIt is.

· It is compact with thin machi.

· Independent when placed on the ground so that it is easy to use even in business.

· Lightweight and easy to carry.

· I want to carry 13 inches with PC.

· Holiday is one shoulder and can be used active for active.

ETC ...

Sales of sales field voices were aggregated, and the bag creation, sample creation, and correction were repeated several times. Not a trad, no outdoors. Natural, neither Military. Through the [High-end Street Casual] filters listed by KATSUYUKIKODAMA, the existing DENSITY MANIA series will vide.

【Anchor / Back Pack Tote】


First of all, it should be a smallest and thinnest backpack in brand history. A seasonal square silhouette is appointed and finished in a solid face with a solid.


The main house can be opened and closed with the "through Machi" specification, and it is possible to store luggage without rememporary body. The file of A4 is set to perfectly fit in the pocket portion. The material of the pocket adopts PVC, shading has a sense of sense of luxury.


The bottom of the bag was designed with a dome studded balance and pursued smart ease of use even with business scenes.


If you remove the buckle of both shoulder tips, you can carry it carefully and carry it with your hand, saying that a sense of sense like a vertical tote. Of course, if one buckle is disconnected, the function that can be used as a body bag is healthy. Hands are smart impressions with sliding type closed in original metal parts.

Don't miss this way that brand and the user's voice is narrow and stuffed.

Take a ship called katsuyukikodama, and also traveled many overseas internally. And with this creation journey still continuing with the meaning of hope.

Anchor / Back Pack ToteIt was an introduction.


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