ROAR GUNS Collaboration Pack-6

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I have been driving a street scene in TokyoCollaboration backpack of ROAR GUNS and KATSUYUKOKODAMAI finally arrived at the online store!




Pack-6 that became this collaboration model. A cross gun painted with Italian studs that emerge an intense impact on anything. Use a studded manufactured by Ramponi for the studds. A super luxury specification using 710 out of the total number of high-end studs with a high-end cut on one shot 1 shot.


LOVE AND PEACE character that is also a Roar GUNS concept. A special approach has a solidistic print, and it is a finish with a sense of luxury.


Leather is a natural leather and half-tiered natural scallop with a high-class expression with a high-class expression. The very good leather of the touch that you want to touch is a facility reminiscent of the Maison brand riders. It is a heavy appearance but lightweight, lightweight, lightweight is a light wearing feeling that overturns the heavy image of the leather backpack is also attractive.


Deroma is also a special specification of Roar GUNS x Katsuyukikodama! If Roa Guns, who has been driving the street scene in Tokyo, a gem that expresses the exquisite balance of rock, street, and mode with Katsuyukikodama's unique manufacturing power. Because it is limited production, the person who is worried is early! !


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