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Typhoon is over the aroma of Kimoki, and it is likely to be a climate that feels autumn on this weekend. Soon after the leaves are also colored, it will be reached in full swing. In this blog, we will introduce items that can enjoy styling at such a time from Katsuyukikodama's sales representative!

Hankyu Men's Limited Item "British Style" It is a "fully worthy model" that caused the type of Hankyu Men to the theme of the subject from Hankyu Men's, and British Style (UK).

Speaking of "British STYLE", I first come to mind "Tradition", but UK is a fashion fact that brought fashion with the times. The theme is very deep. . . Katsuyukikodama put the Terrad of British Trad, a flap shoulder on the current trend.


The standard material of British such as canvas and suedes is left, and in polyester canvas × resin parts, we inject street taste for traditional designs,It shifts to the day of modern age.

The shoulder length is set to short and fit per chest and styling as a crossbody chest bag.

In addition, it is convenient to access the main house with the back fastener without opening and closing the flap.

Trench coat, leather short blizzong, rubber draw coat, tweed pants ........ Together with Trad Corde, there is a sense of nuke that you have a feeling of nuke and enjoy styling at once.

What is the trend being diverse, enjoying your mode, and how long does it look at the season?

If you are concerned about the limited quantity, please carry your feet to the store as soon as possible.

Handling stores: Hankyu Mens Osaka (1F Bag in the Save Collection Collection Field KatsuyukikoDama) / Hankyu Men's Tokyo (Katsuyukikodama in 1F Bag)

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