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In Japan, the way of working with businessmen is diversified, and the occupation called creators and designers has increased. In the suit shirts, tie up with tie and walk with cutlet in summer, walking with cutlet and wiping sweating with handkerchiefs I feel.

Several years ago, the so-called Jake Pan Style OK company is a styling of Jakupan + backpack that has been recovered and restored. This business backpack style is now becoming a majority. The traditional trad style is also good, but now I felt like I want to make a difference in a sense of solid and modes.

Today I will introduce recommended recommendations that can be used for business!



Square silhouette unique to the solid Katsyukikodama is a one point that is batched for formal strings.


The back sleeve can store a PC, a tablet terminal up to 13 inches. Also introduced this timePACK-5A design called a gutter-based macch is a design that wraps through the entire back. As a result, the main compartments open and close largely and closes to business trips, and even when the luggage travels are easy, easy to packing, easy to take out! !


Suits and shoes are a mast set and shoes for business trips if the suits are recently increasing packable types (specifications that can be stored small and can be stored). Business items, PCs, documents, etc. will be difficult.


Open all-leather backpack and do smartly to smart while cafe and movePACK-5. You want to recommend a busy creator or businessman, and this item has a smartness that makes sense of intelligence as well as smartness.


It is a bending alley and lightweight. Thin PC Sleeve & Large Main Compartment. Smart backpack that corresponds to travel from business to travel.PACK-5Is a gem that made it a toughness of such needs. Because it is a minimal design in the solid, it is an item that you want to push to the first backpack without a habit.

Imgp 5970

Items that raise their tension are also required for professionals. Please add it to your wish list by all means!

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