Water proof backpack ideal for city use

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In the early 2018, the end of May was ended in May. If June is over, it will be back again this year. Japan has four seasons, so I feel the flow of time by changing the season. And in June, the rainy season season withdrawn. I think that there is a way of enjoying the rainy season for the rainy season ... Honestly, why is it a depressed in the business scene, laughs

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The waterproof model of the Pack-4 characterized by the minimal design is a wide range of styling from the suit style, and, of course, Mode & Street, and casual styling. By the way, this all-rounder Pack-4 design rootsHerePlease check!


Waterproof material pack-4Is characterized by large capacity main compartments. If you are about to travel for 2 days a night, you can go one. The fabric is Katsyukikodama original PVC. Mat and smokey texture is a finish with a sense of luxury. It is a lightweight, durable fabric, so it is a lightweight fabric, so it is also a point that can be lighter even if there are many PCs, tablet devices, and documents.

Actually, this PVC fabric backpack was born when I was promoting Rain covering a backpack of all-leather. While developing a fabric at the original, 【This fabric, improves it will be a waterproof backpack! ! 】 There is no need to carry the rain cover, and it will not be time to cover the cover even if it is sudden rain. This is the brand original PVC fabric that was born.


If you use stylish designs to styling a little cooler, dinner at other than the business scene, of course, even if it is sudden rain! Navy will show you the look of a roar in a striker if you combine with an edge that has been engaged in edges such as black and studs! If you seek a waterproof function, I think there are many items that have a strong outdoors, but if it is a backpack of this brand, it will be a suit. Not only the functional side but also styling and fashionable KatsuyukikoDama.


Smart and lightproof backpack that blows the troubles of the rainy season. Please check it before the full-fledged rainy season. Choice 4 color development is also nice, and it is also possible to meet here.





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