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Today I changed from the spring sunshine to the sunshine in summer. It is the rainy season that comes every year before the open summer. Rainy season that tends to be humid with a steep rain. Today I will introduce a waterproof backpack of Katsyukikodama that demonstrates the value in such a ranny season!


Density Mania Pack-1 / PVC WaterProof Model


Our brand icon modelPACK-1 Waterproof Model. I would like to think that I have to move to a sudden rain during the rainy season, but I'm a backpack of a backpack that I can not get wet even if I look for an umbrella. Important documents, planning, creators must never wet required PCs and tablets, right? ?

At that time. This with a PVC fabric that was originally created in the fabricWater Proof Pack-1If so, sudden rain before you are a handsome of your hands.


As it is good for moisture permeability while starting with batch and rain, it does not know the contents of the bag. This is actually very important point. If the backpack for the outdoor is completely waterproof item, it is moisture and the paper may be wetted and the paper will be sent to the paper. thisWaterProof PACK-1Since it is a waterproofing use for town use, it is excellent item that can be comfortably spent the Rainy season! The color development is also a mat with a mats and the impression that the feeling of smoky is settled.


Main room 2 rooms + PC sleeve tri-layer structure is also easy to use! Valuables such as wallets, card cases, key chains are on the front. One-lens reflex and clothing and clothing items are stored in the largest main compartment. An important documents and PCs are to the back sleeve with cushions.


I think that the person who has a single-lens reflex camera has also been carried in recent years, but the camera also wants to be careful about water and humidity. If this waterproof material PACK-1 can be carried out with confidence.


Even if everything is put, a large capacity of the margin. AlsoAll-leather Pack-1Because it is more lightweight than it is more lightweight, Daily use can be easier and can be lighter!

And even if the luggage is attached, the beauty of the silhouette will not be broken, I feel the aesthetics of KatsyukikoDama.This backpackRough setup + Road bike, and the rainy season is also fond of the active creators that don't even go to the rainy season. Lol

Color development is black, navy and light gray 4 color development of khaki. Matt & smokey atmosphere and an ideal impression of an ideal impression with an amboraneous.



If it is a full-fledged rainy season, the full-scale color will come out, so it is recommended as soon as possible! Today is also a brand icon modelPACK-1 Waterproof ModelIt was an introduction.

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