Long-awaited new Tote ~ Cow Leather Hen ~


Introduction of the new topic tote of the topic! This time the second!

Enigma Variations / COW LEATHER TOTE ¥ 49,000-

Smart tote bag that can be used to use.Conservo and fine elegant. But it's too much to be a conservative! !It is an item of just fit to you who got a difference.Last articleAs we focused on smart functionality, let's say STAFF private matter and say practical edition.


Magazine, documents, and catastropor in the tablet. Sunglasses and pens are also stored smartly. Since the Auri pocket is divided into two rooms, it is also high point that it can be divided into business use such as daily items and materials such as daily items and materials.

Imgp 5094

Even if this is done, the maximum capacity is still half. Why is the package in the vocational character, and it is a capacity that corresponds enough to those who are tightened. I feel about the image of the image + thick parker and 3 T-shirts, so I can travel for two days a night and summer.


Imgp 5082

It also makes me smartly familiar with Jake Panstyle. Of course it supports a business suit that has decided. If you have a luxury bag, you will give me a whole coordinate over a single rank!

Imgp 5077

The handle is good for shoulder, and thick leather is a luxury. It is very good to be familiar with the body when I have. That should be it. The soft and plump natural shlink leather is not only the texture, but also the fit feel.

Imgp 5067

A vertical tote that can be led by a rival and one step two steps while being a conservative. Excellent things that show the vision of styling sharp.

Introduced last timeFull Stazz modelSo, a little bit of claim is a single point that is recommended for you.

IntroducedEnigma variations / COW LEATHER TOTEIt isKATSUYUKIKODAMA Official Online Site, Katsyukikodama FlagShip Store, Hankyu Men's leading release. As long as the previous sales are limited, early check is Yoshi! !

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