Evolving Trendlines: SACOCHE


The street is now.Sakosh vs. the Chest-Bag in the middle of the chest bag.It is a period in which the personal items around the world are lighter in the compact, including smartphones.The bag used in the daily is miniaturized, and items with functional fabric and gimmics are attracting attention.

KATSUKIKODAMA was introduced by the HYBRID series, which was well received this season, as a new Sakan Sakosh was received from the HYBRID series.



Use the original neoplane, which is familiar to the dough.Moderate tension and a beautiful light color.Lightweight and comfortable texture is a soft touch material.Of course existing.Model of owhan leatheryaPisson Reza modeland the function, the specifications are exactly the same.That is, the function remains.the lightest sakosh in the history of the brandand so on.


Like the popular PACK series, it is also a neoplane for main material.This is a distinctive design that uses a high-strength cowleaser to wring the side on the septhwell side.This work is accented with the hands of the fasner, and by using a neon-color patent-leaser on the shoulder part.



Lightful textures and colors are really good for the street.Ragjuary strikedrite, with the cologne fame and elegant material, and the elegant finish is the same.


and then you get a strap around your hand, and you get your clutch in your bag, and you're going to get it out of your lough, and it's like,Last BlogSo I was going to introduce you to a new cross-body-chestbag, but this time,Shinsaku SakoshIt was a introduction to me.a more street-sensitive minimimalChestbagIt is also an extraction of a functionless saucosh.I want you to find a single point of life style and give you this spring and summer season!

Other color models also have a model for all black.


Please take a look at me.



3-7-12 Jingu-mae, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo


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