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GW also rushes to the second half. I think that everyone thinks about thinking about holidays. Jingu before the flagship store is the global fashion spot, Omotesando, Aoyama, Aoyama, and the Gaien front, so I see a lot of towns going every day. Today I was out to the front door to lunch, but I have noticed it in crowded people. NowCrossbody chest bagFactionSalcocheIt is a faction and a faction is

Iconic logo usage and claims with strong colored crossbody-chest bags in the world of Waltish Street style, etc. It seems like it looks like.

Well, I introduce this item today.



Chest bag previously introducedIt is an item that has been updated. First of all, it is not a horseshink leather (horse leather) with a characteristic Shibo feeling. When I heard and heard, I tend to imagine a beautiful surface with a leather, but this leather is a special medicine with a special medicine to a certain degree of three minutes and a natural and powerful way of feeling. I'm drawn out. Leather that has been strongly shred is a luxury material that increases strength and hard to get scratched.

The current fastener selects metal zip and finished in elegant taste. The combination of fuster leather and glossy fasteners is a daily item that can be used for all years and not too light. The color development of the brand ease is also attractive!


↑ Black feature characterized by pink gold fastener


↑ KATSUYUKIKODAMA Glowing Mode Silver (SENSE Posted Item)


I tried off white for all black coordination. The sun is gradually increased and the city has been exceeded 25 degrees, but it is still cold at night, so first, it is beta to incorporate summer ease from accessories. Monotone style, of course, will be brushed up a casual style like denim in white t.


As it is a chest bag, I would like to enjoy the feeling of fashion with the chest side, but of course it is OK even if I carry it back in the back. It is good to have a leather heampo attached to a fusher puller!


Actually this isCrossbody chest bagIt is because I am a lover that I am also a favorite

The image is a real city walking style & private. This model has a security pocket with fasteners on the back, so you can also store smartphones, etc. It is also a second bag at the travel destination from everyday street use. Of course it is also a batch for summer events. It is a wonderful item that you can imagine with this bag. Please check at the store!



Katsyukikodama Flagship Store / Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 3-7-12


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