Long-awaited new tote ~ full stazz ed

In 2018, it will enter early in May! A long-awaited new item came from KATSUYUKIKODAMA.


Enigma variations / Full stazz Tote ¥ 110,000-

This work was created from the subject that can be used in business. Today is the styling to the item's detail.

First of all, smart looks. It will be familiar with the styling even at the time of the business suit by removing the decoration and finishing it in minimal. The material is a Natural shrink cowletter produced separately from the fabric. A natural leather shrimp and a semi-titer expression is just a classy touch. It is also the point that small scratches and so on by wearing a leather shivo are difficult to stand out.



And the function is also smart that the function is also smart. The interior is divided into three rooms, one room in the middle is a fastener and cushioning material and can be stored up to a tablet terminal such as a PC or iPad, such as a PC or iPad, while it is a tote back. And Coco is a point, but one room with this fastener has adopted a special pattern that suppresses the butterfly with heavy things such as PC. This makes it possible to carry without stress even when moving. In addition, in the business scene, the interior is fully equipped with a utility pocket in which smartphones, business cards, and pens are put. Since the handle is a specification that can be adjusted to two stages, you can also have a suit or coat firmly on your shoulder. (Do you not get rid of the coat once in a row? It is a specification that prevents that stress.)


The latest work of the designer Hakuri full of designers who put together a lazer and a coil fastener, original metal button, such as a Leather mania pack series, and the original metal button. Businessmen, of course, is a perfect specification for a launcher and designer of a lady tile. Please feel the creativity now and feel at the store. Production secret storyDesigner blog that designer huge ball spellscheck! !

Today, Choose a Full Stazz model according to a relaxed rough style. Even if it is not a big deal, I will spread Mac Book in my favorite cafe and I want to appeal the feeling that I want to appeal my dexterity.




There is also a plane type with model differences. Minimize claims. Supports real business scenes. I think this will be introduced next time again.

Enigma Variations / COW LEATHER TOTE ¥ 39,000-


Then we look forward to seeing you from your visit.


Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 3-7-12


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